Hot summer, sweaty temperatures. And yet employers expect a reasonable appearance. Therefore, two experts give exclusive tips for perfect outfits and the right care.

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Styling for midsummer days

At temperatures of 30 degrees and above, she would like to walk out of the house only with shorts, top and flip-flops or a short hanging dress, her face washed with cold water and unpainted, her hair only air-dried after a shower in the morning.

But beyond the lake, beach or swimming pool, a casual leisure look works fast underdressed. Because clothing expresses their values ​​and their awareness of a well-groomed overall appearance. From the clothes or uniform can customers, colleagues and Employees definitely draw conclusions.

Why dress code makes sense with 38 degrees

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The employee always represents the same Corporatehe or she works for. Even though there is at least one casual Friday in many companies that is being used even in hot temperatures:

More and more companies are returning to the proven dress code to provide a consistent look and feel, and to more clearly distinguish between work and casual wear to emphasize the working atmosphere.

Clear clothing rules are an advantage

Because it is also an advantage for the employees if it klare clothingRegulate gives. This prevents having to have annoying discussions afterwards. However, there is of course the possibility of setting up special rules for hot days.

Only small self-employed people, freelancers or employees in their own home office have it better: Here you can find the Internet actually numerous on the advantages of this professional group, which can even work barefoot or in underwear in this heat.

But beware, sometimes a sense of working does not even come up and at the latest in videoconferences, the dress code should be respected again.

2 X 5 tips for the summer outfit of style experts

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Therefore, whether home office, Office , customer appointments or even privately: With these outfit and styling tips from two experts, you are always on the safe side without breaking a sweat.

Helmut Bayer, founder of the Munich fashion label OSKA

  1. The higher the thermometer climbs, the more annoying tight clothes stick to the body. Casual, airy outfits that play around the silhouette are better - starting with the top, where sweat stains under the armpits can be avoided through wide cuts, to trousers in the loose Marlene Dietrich, extravagant Savon or Caleçon style.
  2. Synthetic fibers quickly feel uncomfortably wet when it gets warm. Suitable on summer days are natural materials such as cotton, lyocell or cool linen. The latter wrinkles easily, but ugly folds can be concealed by embroidery or fabric patterns.
  3. Ten degrees of temperature difference are not uncommon as soon as indoor air conditioners are used in enclosed spaces, cars or trains. A small jacket made of cotton or a great cloth made of linen or cotton prevent goose bumps or even colds on thin outfits.
  4. Colorful in the spring and summer, otherwise covered - nobody has to stick to these color recommendations. Because it is allowed, what suits the personal type and pleases. Even black does not speak in midsummer, but is best made of linen because of its cooling properties.
  5. Leather bags are sturdy year-round companions that can withstand rain showers. Cotton bags can now be worn on hot days. Because they hardly weigh anything and are in good mood colors or have patterns that fit perfectly with any outfit.

Bibi Horst from the Life and Style blog Chocolate years

  1. Less is more on warm summer days. Suitable as opaque creams are so-called fluids in this season. Because of their high level of moisture, they are easy to spread on the skin and give the complexion uniformity, without acting maskenhaft.
  2. Patent recipe against a shiny face is powder. Especially easy to use on the way are Oil-Control Blotting Paper Powder Cloths by Shiseido. They not only absorb excess fat and dull the skin, they also have an antibacterial effect against impurities.
  3. The right dose is what decorative make-up is all about. The eyes are restrained with subtle eyeliner, some mascara and a little color on the eyelids. Even perfume is used sparingly, but the mouth with lipstick is an eye-catcher.
  4. Under a spectacle frame pearls sweat droplets very quickly. This effect can be avoided with contact lenses. For a similar ventilation effect updos provide. With them neck and shoulders remain noticeably cooler, instead of sweating under long hair.
  5. Fat deposits on the skin at high temperatures as a disturbing film. In the morning, instead of day cream, a high-quality, mattifying serum provides concentrated skin with valuable active ingredients. In the evening she comes as usual with a rich night care at their expense.

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