The modern one work life changes our daily routine. Nevertheless, our biorhythm is our universal organizing principle. How can we strengthen it?

Biologically healthy throughout the day: strengthen the natural rhythm even in stressful times

Our life is polarity

Life takes place in polarity. If you are concerned with a holistic, healthy lifestyle, there is no way around it: Yin and Yang, the two energetically radiant forces with the sections sleeping and being awake are our universal organizing principle. Power we this natural rhythm of life, we get through every day biologically healthy.

However, what seems so harmonious is in many respects not (anymore). Because of the influences of the environment and our "modern" way of life, we have moved far away from everything natural - and the original polarity: We spend the night in houses that, thanks to reinforced concrete, no longer allow the natural earth's magnetism to affect us.

A vicious circle between yin and yang

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The hustle and bustle (Yang) begins when we wake up with coffee in the morning in order to get in the car as early as possible in order to reach our place of work on time despite the traffic jam in the morning. At midday, hectic consumption of primarily denatured, overcooked food (yang) follows.

Fighting through the traffic jam, we return to our apartment, where we spend the evening watching TV (Yang), without anything particularly deep Communication (that of the yinEnergy would correspond). Symptoms such as headaches (yang) are treated with painkillers (also yang).

The yang flood makes us sick and sicker

We no longer live in the balanced polar tension between yin and yang, but in a total yang flood that takes us out of the center of polarity. The consequences of this are more and more complex, chronic and even therapy-resistant clinical pictures.

Not what corresponds to the old traditional wisdom up to the teaching of the 5 winds of the ancient Egyptians. A synthesis of knowledge and faith, of scientific logic and meditative wisdom. This is the only way to achieve a balanced rhythm of the regulatory functional processes.

The 5 phases of change in a daily rhythm

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Using the organ clock, the circle of the 12 meridians shows us the movement of the daily life energy. Energy flows through each of the 12 meridians for a maximum of about 2 hours within a day. Exactly 12 hours opposite we find the minimum time. If we lived according to this rhythm, our life, our Health change to the positive. Let's look at the logic of this organ clockwork in a day-night rhythm:

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