OPINION! Nutrition expert Barbara Gassert: "A healthy diet helps against stress at work"

The Munich nutritionist and book author Barbara Gassert, known from various TV programs, knows what you should eat to be fit and healthy healthy to stay in the job. For years she has been coaching individuals and companies in matters of healthy nutrition. In an interview, she explains what employees should pay attention to when it comes to nutrition.

Barbara Gassert studied human biology in Munich with a diploma and completed a two-year course Vocational Training to a medically certified holistic nutritionist. For several years she has been active as a nutrition expert for various television magazines such as SAM, taff, avenzio on ProSieben or on German Health TV. She has also written various books.

Ms. Gassert, who works hard, can actually eat what he wants - or is that a mistake?

Because the calorie requirement is increased, nutritional sins are actually not reflected so quickly on the scales. The problem, however, is that fast food, ready meals or white flour rolls only contain “empty” calories: they deliver Energy, but hardly any fiber, vitamins or minerals.

So what should be the people who sit all day?

If you sit a lot, you burn fewer calories, but you don't want to go hungry. The Solution offers a diet that combines high-fiber vegetables with protein-rich products. With fast carbohydrates from cakes, rolls or sweets, on the other hand, the rule is: keep your hands off, they promote cravings and new pounds.

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Why are these vital substances so important during working hours?

With the increased energy demand, the body's demand for vitamins, minerals and trace elements grows. This is like a Formula 1 car that needs a better fuel than a normal car.

In addition, many workers are exposed to noise, heat or cold. This challenges their immune system. And they sweat more. This Stress-Factors can be buffered by a healthy diet.

What happens if the vital substances are missing?

First, concentration and performance are affected. The body regenerates less well. Finally, the defenses are also affected. The incidence of stress increases and illnesses accumulate.

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Which nutritional form recommends if you want to stay fit and healthy in your professional life?

The so-called LOGIMethod is ideal if Performance is required. And it even tastes good to men, because in addition to vegetables, the focus is on sources of protein - i.e. lean meat, poultry or fish and dairy products.

Equally important are fats made from olive oil or rapeseed oil and especially vegetables. Taboo in the LOGI method are breads and bakery products made from refined flour, sweets, fat-fried potatoes or sugar-sweetened soda.

What does that mean when I'm in the canteen?

First, keep to the salad buffet. And do not take five slices of white bread, but rather the fish fillet, the feta cheese or a small steak. To get access to the vegetables is best: prefer three small dishes with broccoli, zucchini and rosary instead of a plate of noodles, fried potatoes or French fries.

What to do if the little hunger between gnaws?

It is best to keep small snacks such as nuts, wholemeal crackers, dried apple rings, low-fat natural yoghurt or vegetable sticks in the desk drawer or in the office refrigerator - this way there is always a healthy snack available Hand.

How can I eat healthy when traveling with my boss?

The most important foodstuffs of travel are the extended business, often at a late hour. The LOGI method also helps here: Those who are holding strong saturation supplements such as noodles, rice, potatoes and bread can access meat, fish and poultry, and of course, vegetables without fig trees.

Instead of sweet desserts to grab cheese with fruit or just order the espresso. Also be careful with alcohol. It boosts appetite and slows down the burning of fat.

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