What's in it Sinn our existence? This is a question that everyone asks themselves – more or less often. Luck and Success we want to achieve. We pursue this with personal commitment, perseverance, hard work and performance Objective. But what does that mean exactly?

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Not with me!

We face bureaucratic energy guzzlers and suffer from them more and more Stress. Fast results and numbers are more important than interpersonal relationships. The way up turns out to be a negative spiral. Unless someone says:


Not with me!

Transform destiny blows into successes

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By putting love at the center of my thinking and acting, I have been able to overcome the greatest stroke of fate that can strike a man and a father. Even more: I have turned him into a life success.

For example this shock: I'm coming home from a successful but exhausting seminar week. But instead of my longed for Family a piece of paper with a succinct note awaits me. Think Ms. had left me with our two sons! You are just gone! Whereabouts unknown.

Negative feelings that throw you out of the way

The negative feelings threatened to throw me – a person who always thinks positively – off track. Did we live past each other? Did I only see what I wanted to see? I could not believe it. My life was totally out of the blue on the Head posed.

In my Job as a Training and coaches I always try to convey that it is only through the connection of heart and mind that we create our Personality develop further and gain authenticity as a basis for success. emotions play an enormous role when it comes to important decision goes. Because the subsequent activities depend on it – wrong or right.

From the crisis new strength

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Incidentally, most company bankruptcies/insolvencies are caused by divorces or other family disputes, as an insolvency administrator once said. It's never in vain when we have one Crisis go through

It hurts though. But we learn from it and can draw new strength for and in our job. for entrepreneurs, Executives and Employees it is important individual Solutions to develop and use... Then everyone will be helped, the individual with their family and for their own Career as well as the respective company success.

Connection of heart and mind

Our perception needs the connection to heart and mind. Only as a “heart thinker” can I also mean it Welt change. Even though I didn't understand it, I accepted the situation and was determined to master it by putting love at the center of my activities. After all, I loved my wife (still). And I loved my sons more than anything.

I am convinced that I owe it to this decision to love, that today I am allowed to live happily with my sons and in a new partnership. Because: love is stronger than the end of the world.

10 tips for the recipe for success love

Love for yourself and others is equally important for success in career and life. But what can you do specifically? 10 tips for the recipe for success love:

  1. Do not look for a culprit! If something goes wrong professionally or privately, we quickly look for a culprit whom we can be held accountable for mistakes made. However, we ourselves are involved in our decisions and often have “caused” the causes.
  2. Accept changes: The end is already included in the start of a relationship - at the latest when a partner dies. Often, however, the “best before” date has expired earlier. Even people in a partnership do not always develop synchronously. Often one of the two stops or one overtakes the other, e.g. B. through increased awareness or new, completely different goals.
  3. Forgive and let go: This does not succeed from the beginning and certainly not as long as we still have hope for a common solution in us. But when everything seems broken, we have the right to purify our hearts and rebuild our future. Even at work, a reorientation can release fresh forces. Ignoring your own strengths, the working day can be torment despite good pay.
  4. Reverse negative experiences: Anyone who has mastered a conflict situation can recognize (as often only in retrospect) how well-negatively perceived situations or people have themselves on one. Only by dealing with this can one develop further, learn something to it and lay the foundation stone for new successes.
  5. Impulses for reflection: Let yourself be touched. For example, reading my novel in which I tell the story of a great love and dramatic separation, the bond between fathers and children and a new beginning.
  6. Allow fears: Dare to talk about personal concerns, even at work. Sick stress and private crises become a kind of “food supplement” that we eat into ourselves and that slowly but surely kills us. Studies show that personal stress can kill us up to five years earlier. Balance and harmony are not achieved by suppressing them.
  7. Proceed as planned: How hard and opaque life may be to the individual at times, there is always a way to get clarity. We can create a plan in every situation, determine and implement the first steps. With this approach I have coped with the greatest crisis of my life.
  8. Trust in the future: We live in sensitive times. Some speak of the sunset and others emphasize that the best and greatest opportunities for a new beginning on this earth are given to us. Our anticipation is like intense love for our future.
  9. Behind the clouds the sun shines: Life is not straight. After a defeat, only the resurrection helps. This starts with the thoughts. No one has to think bad to the end. Think of something beautiful, ask your heart. A sunbeam already takes its power from the darkest cloud.
  10. Discover the power of love: Love gives us strength and gives us wings. Even a slight beating of wings fills us fresh wind. Wings help flutter over a fence or even rise above the things, circling above them and judging them from a new perspective.


Discover love again and feel its power. Each for himself and with others:

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