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"We earn our money too hard to invest the then too low interest," wrote financial expert and author Stephanie Kühn. But how do you invest your money well in times of low interest rates? 5 publications of Stiftung Warentest give tips.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Invest money profitably

Just as many people are worried about how you make your money, you should think about how to invest it profitably.

But that's not so easy, because the ideal investment, which is safe and low-risk, keeps the money available at short notice and still brings high interest rates, there is simply not. Those who want to invest their money well must therefore think carefully about their personal preferences and goals.

The hype around financial adviser

No wonder, then, that adviser literature, blogs, and coaching on financial topics and investment are currently on the rise. Some promise the quick way to wealth, the others are more serious therefore, the one to real estate, the others to invest in equity funds.

Which advice one trusts and which way one goes to the financial investment, is ultimately a matter of taste, depending on the above personal preferences and goals.

Independent consultants asked

What you should pay attention to is the independence of the respective consultant. Because many financial service providers collect rich commission from banks and financial institutions, but this is not always obvious to Die Kunden.

Therefore, I have made five publications of Stiftung Warentest on current investment strategies for my research, which guarantee a seriousness and independence.

Investment by the way

The first title sounds seductive for financially rather lazy people like me: investment by the way. His promise: Easily and comfortably make more of your money, without much effort. The book is divided into 7 chapters on topics such as choice of insurance, pension plan or investment.

As the title does not necessarily suggest, it is aimed rather at beginners who want to acquire a basic knowledge of finance. Author Thomas Hammer attaches great importance to comprehensibility and clarity, unfortunately the draft comes a little short. The makers probably had a rather young target group in the Sensewho wanted to bring the dry topic of finances as clearly arranged as possible.

The colored pages, which are designed with speech bubbles, Stock Photos and Headlines have a modern look, but also cost a lot of space on the 226 pages. I also see myself as a beginner, but for me personally this book is a bit superficial - certainly a matter of expectation. How good that I ordered four more publications.

Investment for Lazy

Quite similarly opened and unfortunately still a little shorter is the title investment for Lazy by Sina Groß. However, it comes a little less colorful and has a slightly different claim: The author wants to accompany their readers step by step to find the right investment for themselves.

Therefore, first of all, the personal goals of financial planning and investment are in the center: what goals do I want to achieve with my money? Which investment forms are there? How do you find the right investment quickly and easily? And how do you protect yourself from pitfalls?

All in all, I like this book quite well, but I also wish a little more depth here to find out which investment is really suitable for me.

Manual investment

Den offers Best of HR –®-author Stefanie Kühn - and that on at least 416 pages. Now I may be a little biased because both the author and her work know and appreciate - but in fact your book “Handbuch Geldanlage” helped me the best.

Because the independent financial advisor, who wrote the book together with her husband Markus Kühn deal with much more detail, for example with the following topics:

  • Protects gold from crises?
  • How do funds work?
  • Which interest rates yield returns even at low interest rates?
  • What is a fintech?
  • And does it make sense to put money into this new form of investment?

The book is both a reference work and a guidebook: From stocks to crowdfunding and real estate to certificates, the authors present all the important investments, clearly state their advantages and disadvantages, say who they are suitable for and which you better avoid. It is really well written and in the end I really have an idea where the journey is going for me.

Financial test special invest with ETF

In the selection of the appropriate investment form, one then actually has to go into greater detail and read the classic publication forms of the Stiftung Warentest - such as the special issue Finanztest Spezial on ETFs.

ETF are considered the ideal investment in interest rates. With these index funds, investors should be able to benefit easily and flexibly from the return opportunities on the stock exchanges. But which of the 1.500 ETF are the best? How can the risks be minimized? And what should be considered when buying? The financial test experts reveal how to find good ETFs, avoid investment mistakes and keep costs down. And they have at least tested 650 ETFs.

Financial test special pension

In contrast, the special issue financial test special pension is almost a disappointment: Here, namely, not tested pension forms and pension insurance, but only presented different pension forms. The emphasis is less on offers from the private sector than on the traditional statutory forms of pensions.

In addition to retirement pension, widow's pension, occupational pension or reduced earning capacity are also presented. After all, the book is also on pension gaps, unemployment, partial or partial retirement and similar special forms. The issue of Riester pensions, for example, is treated only in passing - but there are private publications of Stiftung Warentest for private pensions.

For other readers, this special issue certainly has its justification, but for me it does not bring much.

Fund database and more information

The Stiftung Warentest offers a large number and above all independent tests and publications on the subject of investment and finance.

Very helpful is the fund database with detailed and above all always up-to-date tests. You can find these here call for a fee, In this sense: Good luck!

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    The financial test is my only and maybe last print subscription.

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    Wow, thanks for this great review from our manual investment!

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      It is also a helpful book!

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