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The Berufebilder Yourweb Foundation wants to specifically address social problems that have become even more apparent due to the Corona crisis. The fields of action of education and environmental protection are particularly pressing for us.

Shaping the future together

Last but not least, the Corona crisis has shown that our work environment and our living environment must become more humane and more ecological if we want to continue to live well together as a society.

Because we are facing decisive challenges for the future that we can only master together: Digital change and social innovations are advancing, at the same time many current developments make people fear: digitization, data protection, automation, digital crime, psychological violence - and of course climate change .

Basic social issues

People and companies are faced with crucial questions such as:

  • How can a healthy, tolerant and good togetherness be designed?
  • How exactly do we want to work together in the future and treat each other as a society?
  • How can one counteract psychological pressure and even psychological violence?
  • What role do culture, art and media play in our society?
  • How can education help to actively shape the world?
  • How can you positively counteract the constant pressure to be efficient and stress?
  • How can we live together in a sustainable and climate-friendly way?
  • And what can each individual contribute to it?

What we do: Our fields of action

The foundation would like to help to find answers to precisely these and many other questions through targeted, free educational measures and the promotion of non-profit projects in the field of environmental protection.

Educational offers: digital and more

An important challenge for the future: education! The world of work is changing decisively through factors such as digitization, migration and equality. Here the foundation wants to provide assistance through suitable information and educational offers.

Specifically, we want in our Yourweb magazine Giving and among other things information on social issues free digital education offers create on topics such as career orientation, career change, the compatibility of family and work for women and men, financial education, innovative entrepreneurial thinking, physical and mental health prevention (including sport and healthy eating), psychological violence and bullying as well as self-care and stress management. Face-to-face events are also planned for the future.

Active climate protection

The topic of environmental protection is also urgent, because climate change will lead to decisive social changes in the coming years. The foundation supports other charitable projects in order to find solutions together with partners.

In the past, afforestation and climate protection projects were supported, such as the non-profit initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. More are to follow.

About Us

The director of the foundation is the publisher Simone Janson, who also worked as a journalist and columnist for ZEIT, WELT and Wirtschaftswoche.

Education and environmental protection: Job pictures Yourweb Foundation