successful decide often consciously opposed to a whole range of things. They analyze where their Power lie and what they should rather leave behind.



However, this is only possible because you have an exact idea of ​​which Set they want to achieve. And everything that could prevent them from achieving these goals is deliberately deleted and avoided.

Make your choice too, certain Tasks or habits to stop doing. That's what the not-to-do list is all about. Take a moment to think about how you spend a typical XNUMX, XNUMX, or XNUMX hour work day. What do you waste the most time on? Also consider how much time is wasted every day.

Consistently omit

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The items on this list should be things that you consciously no longer want to do because they are of no use to you, because they Energy steal and waste your time.

These include, for example, unproductive habits that you should definitely turn off to become more efficient. For example: Never answer incoming calls directly.

The example with the calls

Every incoming call causes an unwanted interruption of the activity you are working on. Activate your answering machine or direct incoming calls to one Employees around.

If you do not have one, hire a secretarial service to at least answer your incoming calls. This applies to an increased extent for anonymous calls, ie calls in which no phone number is displayed.

3 iron rules

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So from now on, make the following principles for the iron rule:

  1. Never answer calls if the number of the caller is not displayed. In the meantime, it should be possible for anyone who is seriously expecting you to talk to him to transfer his number.
  2. Never answer calls when the number of the caller is displayed and you know very well that it is time to make a call.
  3. Never retrace missed calls unless the answering machine has left an important reason for it. "Call me back!" is not an important reason, by the way.

Come to the point

Do not let others distract you. This is easier than you think: Say good-bye to loved habits. And keep yourself brief.

Forget the familiar phrase “How are you?” when someone calls you. Instead, use a greeting like, "I'm about to finish an important task, but what can I do for you?"

Be demanding

In doing so, you are asking others to get straight to the point. When asked: "Do you have a short time?", You answer in principle with: "How long exactly?"

And if the person you are speaking to has given the time frame, reply: “Gladly. Does it suit you at 17.12pm? ”

Never mail in the morning as the first or in the evening as the last

The habit of starting the work day in the morning is short eMails to check, a conceivably unsuitable start dar.

It can be your most important priorities and mess up actual plans for the entire day.

eMails can wait

Your mails can usually wait until 10 clock, after you at least an important point of your to-do list done, best of course your most important task.

In the evening, on the other hand, e-mails cause insomnia or overtime because you “still fast" get answered. This is anything but a successful end of the day.

Stop working at the weekend

This also applies to the weekend: Do not take home work on Fridays. Either way, you do not touch them anyway, because you spend quite a different time during the weekend or you do not have the spare time you need to recharge your battery.

Either way. At the end of the week, you'll probably have a guilty conscience.

Leave the work where it belongs

You can avoid that by leaving your work where it belongs: in the Office . The good news: if you do some crucial Strategies apply, you have earned the free weekend.

However, if you are a workaholics, start carefully with only one free Sunday per month. Then slowly extend that time. Yes, including your cell phone and emergencyebook contain work and are also taboo on weekends. Facebook on Sunday evening? How unfortunate. Stop it.

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