The first day in a new job is always exciting. Especially as a young colleague it means Balance to hold between the sovereign and the authentic Appear. A few tips will help avoid the biggest faux pas.

Welcome - the first day in the new job

1. On time, but not too early

First, of course, apply the basics of the old school. Point one is punctuality. Do not be too late, but not more than 15 minutes too early, so as not to put pressure on others.

2. The dress code

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A well-groomed appearance is the basis for a good impression and is a matter of course in professional life. In the Choice finding the right outfit it gets tricky. Ideally, ask about the dress code and certain regulations, such as Casual Friday, before your first day. If in doubt, choose a little more Business” from your wardrobe as too little. Especially on the first day, a more formal demeanor is better than inappropriate, casual attire. If need be, men can also bring a tie Office lay down. Women should rely on natural makeup and subtle styling.

Important: Remember that the best dress does not help if you are overtired act. Tired Eyes and a lack of concentration make a bad impression, especially on the first day. It'll be embarrassing if you Ask questions that have just been answered. So make sure you get enough sleep.

3. How do I introduce myself?

What's his name again? We know this from ourselves - not everyone will immediately remember the name "of the new". Therefore, it is always helpful and also polite to introduce yourself with your first and last name. Conversely, you can remember other people's names better through repetition: if you meet someone, speak them in im Conversation feel free to start with the name several times (of course not after each sentence!). This will make it easier for you to remember later - and you will leave a positive impression as an attentive listener.

In small offices, it is part of it, everyone Employees greet you in the room with a handshake. In open-plan offices, a greeting is enough. In any case, long statements about oneself or even an outline of what one has done before is superfluous and is not expected at all. Rather, a relaxed small talk is recommended, which can start with light topics such as the weather, the view from the office or the parking situation.

4. To use the informal or the formal "you?

No matter how hip or jung the average of Company is - on the first day in the new job it is not a good one Idea, to call all new colleagues flat. To fast a “you” can be perceived as impolite. Just wait, you will usually be offered quickly. In general, you shouldn't wait to greet someone - if you don't approach others, you'll quickly come across as unsympathetic.

5. The lunch

Even if it is difficult: take the initiative! Do not wait for someone to invite you for lunch. Just ask a couple of colleagues where they are going to eat and if they will take you with them. In the canteen, one can also ask at the table of colleagues, if one may sit down. Nobody will resent you, so do not be false!

In the long run one should not always have lunch with the same colleagues - that builds contacts and relationships with others.

6. The starting point: sparkling wine or cake?

The bottle of champagne on the first day? Or would you prefer to bring a cake? First of all, it is important to choose the right time. The idea of ​​a debut isn't necessarily about putting cakes on the table and that's it. It is more like a relaxed atmosphere for a short exchange with colleagues Objective. The right time is very individual. The personal trainer and author Susanne Helbach-Grosser recommends starting after about four weeks, when you feel accepted. Of course, this can vary a lot, so you should decide the time yourself based on your gut feeling decide – if you have already got to know your colleagues and warmed to them.

It is best to discuss the time and duration of your debut with your manager. The easiest way is to ask which frame in the Company is usual - usually half an hour is usual. He can tell you when most of the team is in the office.

The best thing to do is to make the best start to your colleagues. What you bring is left to you. The scope depends on job level. Only alcohol is prohibited during working hours and is therefore not the ideal choice. Rather be used bread rolls, pizza or coffee and cake.

7. Questions and ideas

Pleas e ask your question! Use the first few days for supposedly "stupid questions", because there aren't any, especially at the beginning. Take care of a notepad on the first day and write down questions that cannot be answered immediately, as well as important details - which primarily include processes and names.

If you have ideas, do not be afraid to introduce them. But - think of the right dosage and a corresponding formulation! Wisecrackers quickly get into the fat!

8. The end of work

You do not have to stay longer - that could be a bit over-motivated. On the other hand, thanks to the colleagues who have introduced you and put their work at the side of your back will be more sympathetic.

A good relationship with colleagues and the quick familiarization lay the foundation for a good working atmosphere in the Future and of course take more than a single day. The most important success factors are there authentic and to be polite I aufmerksam and motivated.

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