Some feel plagued by the feeling of being trapped in a golden cage, chasing after the unimportant, instead of doing what seems really meaningful. Letting go could be a way out. How it works, despite all the financial problems.

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Do only what we enjoy?

Doing what is fun all day long and in the best case even Money damit to earn? A lot of people dream of this, as the comments on one of ours show, for example Article on Best of HR -® , which is about the Financing going on a trip around the world. Reader Paddy, for example, writes very aptly:

“We all have exactly the same amount of time, namely 24 hours a day. But how we spend it is the difference. And unfortunately a large part of it can be dictated too much how he or she has to spend his / her time. ”

Not working at all?

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Living in a minimalist way means, in the best sense of the word, not working at all or working as little as possible in order to be able to concentrate more on the things you do Lust has. Sounds selfish, but it could be the working model of the Future be. Because ours Welt is changing rapidly - not least due to digitization.

Gunter Dueck has on Republica 2011 clear made that that Internet will gradually disappear many traditional job descriptions and that those who will in the future successfully want to be more creativity, personal responsibility as well as the ability to need others People to accompany, to inspire and to lead to goals.Online-Learning specialist Stephen Downes says: “Live healthy. Learn to appreciate. Be creative. And learn to live a meaningful life.” And how else should that be done, other than doing exactly what you enjoy?

But we need money - don't we?

Most will object that this is not possible because we need money to live, we have obligations and we have to take responsibility. That's right, but maybe you just have to collect and spend the vicious cycle of money that we've all got used to?

The authors Vicki Robin Joe Dominguez offer an approach to this in their book "More money for more life: How to change your relationship to finance in nine steps and earlier in pension be able to walk”, published by MVG in 2018. On the subject of financial freedom, you write very clearly and unequivocally that without a rethink just doesn't work:

The typical advice on money

“Typical money advice is far too non-binding when it says: We all have different values ​​and should follow our hearts. If I love expensive restaurant lunches and you love expensive cars, that's fine! You can spend your money on things you love, as long as you budget to afford it and work hard to earn enough. In truth, however, this is nonsense: we are all human and have more in common than differences. The philosophy of many centuries and the increasing scientific research of the past decades has shown us that humans do have a few true, general happiness buttons to push - basic factors such as friendship, health, community, challenges that you encounter with your own ingenuity overcome as well as feel the Control to have about your life. These buttons work for everyone. At the same time, most of us are fooled by ideas of comfort, Status and luxury lure and satisfy the desire through the purchase of corresponding products. And we're very good at passing off some of this junk as our true passions. The only difference is for which things - and how many - we justify ourselves accordingly. With just a few costly "true passions," you can do almost anything Income using it up and potentially wasting your chance at those bigger and truer bliss. Even the most well-known finance and business gurus repeat their version of the “spending money makes you happy” myth. Follow their advice and you may end up with a well-oiled assembly line of your personal desires. your skillful hands will Set throw on one end and satisfied pulling things from the other end of your wish list, yet you may still be in the same place you started. Endless desire is one of the pitfalls of human nature and one of the first things you have to turn off if you want to move faster.”

Why is it so difficult to let go?

But why is it so difficult for us? David Bosshart's book “The Age of Less”, published in 2011 by Murmann Verlag, offers a very good explanation. It is promised, at least the subtitle of Bosshart's book, that letting go could be the formula for prosperity for the western world

But once we Honestly but it is precisely this letting go that makes us strong Anxiety. The thought that we have to slow down, that we have to do without, triggers uncertainty, even panic, in many of us. It seems contrary to human nature to feel worse off. And why? Because we put on gold chains. We have set ourselves up in our comfort zone, surrounded by mental and material ballast.

Fear keeps us from financial freedom

So here, with our fear, are the real reasons that keep us from realizing our dreams. Why don't we concentrate on the essentials and sensible instead of making a lot of money that we then spend on superfluous things?

There are some who have successfully taken this step: For example, from the well-paid investment banker who earns less money as a travel blogger, but is all the more satisfied. The sports scientist who gave up her safe job as a movement therapist in a psychiatric clinic to work with llamas.

Take an example

The balloonist who after the Study preferred to go where the wind takes him than to become an engineer. The government worker who only needed five days to make a complete life change and become a whale watcher on Canada's East Coast. Or digital nomads who are parting with their possessions and permanent residence around the world travel and work anywhere thanks to the internet.

All of these examples and many more can be found on Best of HR –® in our section “Job profiles & careers”. And even if you are tempted to dismiss these examples as a weirdo, you should perhaps just take an example from them and think about your own financial letting go.

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