Also in German Companys is cuddled. You do not believe that? Feel Good Management is the name of the trend that, for once, arose in Germany. Just a little Google for German companies or is it more than that?


From the trend to everyday business

Another new trend in the Working world: Feel-good management – ​​feel-good atmosphere at the Workplace. In fact, the topic of health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important and more and more companies are offering health and sports healthy nutrition and the like in the workplace. The Idea behind it: Committed employees are more motivated, more productive and more loyal.

The trend was without a doubt through Google or Facebook triggered and you can ask: Is the new trend in the world of work “Feelgood Management”, the feel-good atmosphere in the workplace, just a little bit of Google for German companies? Or is there more to it?

Trend Feelgood-Management: Feeling good?

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"Feelgood management is, contrary to what many believe, an invention of the German startup culture," explains Monika Krauss-Wildegger, who makes companies with optimal working conditions visible on and states: "It's not just about fun and sport but much more about structural changes in which employees want to participate. Not every company is willing to do that. ”

After all, the first companies like Fonepit AG in Berlin have already hired Feelgood Managers: Isabel Pereira looks after 64 employees and draws on her experience as an event manager: she organizes lunches, after-Work-Events, staff parties, joint Teambuilding– and sports offers and also takes care of health management in cooperation with a health insurance company.

To create additional incentives, there are also rewards for reaching or exceeding traffic targets. To the needs of employees, regular employee surveys and interviews are conducted. And the integration of foreign employees and travel management are also part of her Tasks: "We to plan for example German courses or I organize visits to trade fairs abroad”, says the Feelgood Manager about her area of ​​responsibility.

More than a fun ambience

All employees at one table to strengthen the sense of community while eating healthy food is a Conceptwhich no longer works for TravelBird. The company, which is also represented in Germany and is based in Amsterdam and has German investors, grew from 170 to almost 600 employees last year, 70 of them from Germany alone. Feelgood management includes a virtually free restaurant with healthy food, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and a coffee bar, as well as a health program with yoga classes, regular visits by a masseur and personal trainer, our own soccer team and subsidized bicycles.

It's about more than the fun factor: "We believe that employees who feel good like to come to work and better Performance show,” says Ingrid Leonhardt, who, as one of 14 international recruiters, primarily looks after the German employees. With its own academy, TravelBird also offers Leadership or Sales Training, technical further education and creative workshops. To this end, the company employs five coaches who have practical experience and develop tailor-made training courses that can be consulted by employees at any time.

Benefit from employee motivation through further development potential

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“Our young employees want to grow with the company; That's why we offer constant opportunities for further development," says Leonhardt. With the employees such come Measures, if you believe the ratings on relevant company rating platforms such as Glassdoor, good, and also the results of the study Recruiting-Trends that the University Bamberg publishes together with the job exchange show: For 94% of those questioned Candidate A good working atmosphere is important, followed by flexible working time models and good career opportunities.

Companies can benefit greatly from employee health: higher Motivation, low levels of sick leave and certain tax benefits offer incentives to actively take care of the health of employees. “That makes for more satisfaction. And of course employees also talk about it or give reviews in the Internet from,” says Petra Mühlbauer, Human Resources Director of Edenred Germany.

Personal trainer in the office

In addition to ergonomic workplaces, a personal trainer and a physiotherapist come here regularly Office . “Employees who take advantage of these offers are given time off during working hours that Costs they wear it themselves for massages,” says Mühlbauer. There are health and nutrition tips in the newsletter, a nutritionist comes every year on World Food Day and employees receive tax-privileged menu checks for the breaks, so that they can then choose their lunch freely. Once a quarter, the managing director invites you to cook together.

According to Mühlbauer, the reactions were positive: “The employees feel fitter and more motivated, some report that we have gotten them into running regularly,” says the Human Resources Director. Edenred has also already offered check-ups in cooperation with a health insurance company and various doctors - with skin screenings, lung volume examinations, eye tests or hand strength measurements. Participating employees could also bring the bonus booklet from their health insurance company with them.

Um Control, according to Mühlbauer, it is expressly not about this, but about “guiding the employees to take responsibility for themselves. We don't dictate anything to the employees, that would also be a Problem with labor law,” says Mühlbauer and makes it clear: “Employers should offer an open culture and provide advice and support when employees need it. In a company that only Boy, dynamic, slim non-smokers, but I would not want to work”.


It's about more than fun - Interview with Monika Kraus-Wildegger from

Krauss-Wildegger makes companies with optimal working conditions visible on Feelgood is a lived corporate culture for them. Companies that only emphasize the health aspects often did not want any further structural changes at all.

What exactly is Feelgood Management?

Feel good management is, unlike many believe, an invention of the German StartUp culture. It's not just about fun and sports, but more about structural changes that employees want to participate in. But not every company is ready for that.

Why not?

Feelgood management creates optimal conditions for good work. Targeted is asked: What do you need to feel comfortable here and to do a good job? This allows employees to concentrate fully on their work. Feelgood is not a one-way street.

What does that mean?

At first glance, the Termthat it's all about Fun or health goes. However, companies that only emphasize these aspects often do not want any further structural changes. However, feelgood is lived corporate culture, driving topics and projects that are important to the colleagues. Prerequisites are: Management mandate, participation in shaping Feedback-Channels, say on eye level and bosses behind it. Feelgood is thus deeply rooted in the corporate culture, projects do not fail at the first headwind.

What advantages does the company have?

Engaged employees are more motivated, more productive and more loyal. One becomes for young professionals clear more attractive, also because employees like to talk about YOUR company. The feelgood manager also helps here, for example by taking over the entire onboarding process.

How do you ensure that feelgood companies meet your needs?

We do a feel-good analysis for every company. Besides that to qualify we companies and employees in the field of feel-good management. From autumn we will offer a modular Vocational Training that conforms to the professional profile Feelgood Manager developed by the Fraunhofer Institute and us.

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