With Feedback should handle critics carefully: Because fast self-fulfilling prophecies emerge. The ancient Greeks already knew that.


What is leadership?

“As a manager, I naturally also have to give feedback.” "N / A clear! ”One would like to assure. But especially in the management context, where power, pressure, intent to influence, the will to control and the image of man play an enormous role, great sensitivity and some consideration are required so that the desired response can arise.

“It's not about being the boss. It's about being a leader. ”

Said Mark Rashid, American equestrian expert and trainer. Because what is it actually Guide? The quote from the well-known horseman and unusual leadership expert Mark Rashid already suggests that things are not as simple as one might naively assume. someone who a leaders is contributing a lot more than someone who is just the boss. So what is the contribution of leadership?

Leadership definition Compact

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We understand leadership as enabling and promoting Performance by others on the basis of a performance-enhancing culture oriented towards humanistic ethics. leadership must decide and/or bring about decisions.

Leadership can be seen very differently! The view in the lower part of the picture Leadership - with which image of man? has the better effects in the long term. Effective resonance feedback follows this inner attitude.

Feedback moves people

“If you want to pass on something, first filter through three sieves: the first only lets the true through, the second only lets through the good, and the third only lets through the bare essentials. You can pass on what went through all three sieves. ”

That's what Socrates (Greek philosopher, *499 BC †399 BC) once said. Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, on the other hand, makes his way as a hero (in the 2002 film directed by S. Raimi) because he believes his Uncle Ben and Aunt May think highly of him. At the beginning of the story he is an inconspicuous little fellow, bespectacled and quite clumsy. only big ones ideas and his unlucky crush on the neighbor's daughter supposedly sets him apart from other boys... and his uncle and aunt's unwavering belief in the Boy future hero is aware and which expresses itself in feedback! His uncle sometimes reminds him, "With great power comes great responsibility." How fitting.

The self-fulfilling prophecy

Of course, this is a naive comic story and, of course, almost all parents or relatives think so of their children. And yet here is hidden a grain of truth, as in all typical storyplots. Surely, you remember yourself, with accurate circling of your memory contents, feedbacks with positive or negative content that have moved you for years.

Everyone knows the phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy: someone gives you one Information about a person you don't know yet. This information is fictitious (e.g. in the context of a scientific experiment), which of course you do not know. The person will most likely start behaving as if your information is true. For example, if you provide teachers with randomly assigned information about the performance of students in a new class, then the children's performance will change accordingly, a classic study shows.

The feedback makes the setting

Only the attitudes that the teachers have of the children move here. How much more powerful is the connection when these assessments are expressed, for example in the context of feedback! Of the Sense We are also good at the responsibility Ben Parker tries to convey to his nephew Spider-Man.

As part of training courses or seminars, we regularly experience that participants suddenly entrust us with feedback that someone gave them at some point and that has occupied them since then, often tormenting them for years. "My Manager said I wasn't emotional enough!" (What is emotional enough please???), “At AssessmentI failed the center because I can't deal with conflict!", "The HR manager says I can't lead!" – these are just quite harmless everyday examples that professionals have spent years designing their work environment or their Career trying to digest or understand.

Positive feedback also helps

This also happens with positive feedback: I (wo) recently received a call from a manager who told me that one of his employees I had worked with was very thoughtful because she was confused about mine positive assessment of their communication skills.

Half of it Company was trying unsuccessfully for years to make this point of view clear to her - my feedback was obviously (and coincidentally) the hit. And what about the employee who is simply completely overwhelmed and unhappy in his current role, and the one Training persuades that this is not true? Would the company see him completely wrong?

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