Really outstanding, innovative ideas rarely arise from complex, strategic considerations, but mostly when someone more or less by chance discovers a need, i.e. the market niche: That was also the case with the family company Agloves.

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The idea

1. January 2010 and blizzard over Washington DC Today 23 year-old Jean Spencer wanted to take a look at her eMails on her iPhone - but that didn't work with her gloves. And she only had one Choice:

Either yourself fast to get rid of the warming overcoat - or all messages verlieren.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

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Denn Problem with normal gloves is: Touchpads only react to the electricity of the human fingers. But gloves no longer allow electricity to flow to the touchpad.

But Jean thought to himself: If People are able to invent iPhones, then there has to be a way to use them while wearing gloves. And she began, along with her Mother Jennifer Spencer testing different materials.

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In Germany, they would have been laughed at

In Germany, the two Texans would probably have laughed: Because they had no experience in the textile industry. So traditional cross-border - but with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit: Mother Jennifer, 52, has a degree in economics and participated in numerous start-ups.

Daughter Jean has a bachelor's degree in journalism and worked before the invention of Agloves at the prestigious Wall Street Journal. And the two said: Silver is the material that best transports the fingers' electricity. Silver also acts like a natural thermoregulator.

From the idea to the market leadership

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A good three-quarter year the two worked on their product until the market launch in September 2010. Approximately 70.000 gloves have been sold since then, Agloves is official supplier of the American ski national team. Now, a year later, the Agloves are also to be distributed in the EU.

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The name is made up of the chemical element silver (Argentum) and the English word for gloves. The Internet and search engine optimization is the most important building block in the sales network, as Jean explains to me at the IFA: If you enter touch screen gloves or similar search terms, you will automatically find Agloves at number 1 on Google.

Innovation by personality

If they don't Anxiety did someone give them the Idea steal or compete? Jean easily dismisses it: “We have applied for a patent. Also, our glove is the only one that allows you to use all 10 fingers on the touchpad, not just two… and doesn't it look stylish?” she asks me mischievously Lachen.

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This is exactly what shows that the Success one Company also depends heavily on the entrepreneurial personality: Jean and Jennifer are easy sympathisch, cool, self-confident, active and courageous - and with that you will also convince yours customers, so that Agloves could become a success story independently of large corporations.

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