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Sheryl Sandberg has been Managing Director (COO) of Facebook Inc., billionaire and author. At dmexco 2017, she told us why Company should have a mission and communities are especially important for small businesses. Sandberg was born in Washington, DC in 1969 and studied economics at Harvard University from 1987. In 1991, her bachelor's thesis dealt with violence in families and social inequality between spouses, and she researched India and AIDS for the World Bank. Between 1993 and 1995 she attended Harvard Business School, after which she worked at McKinsey and Company until 1996 and was Chief of Staff at the US Treasury Department from 1996 to 2001. From 2001 to 2007 she was Vice President of the Global Online-Sales from Google and then came to Facebook. According to Forbes Magazine's 2016 ranking, it is among the seven most powerful Women WeltAt the same time, with her books “Lean In” and “Option B” she is one of the most important representatives of the new American women's movement. An overview of her positions, which she spoke about at the dmexco 2017. 

Wars, trumps, environmental catastrophes - which are currently the biggest social challenges?

The People have Anxiety for their safety, for example they are afraid of terrorist attacks or natural disasters like Hurricane Kathrina. But they are also about changing the Working world concerned.

Many fear being left behind by digitization and theirs Workplace zu verlieren – keyword artificial Intelligence and automation.

Are such concerns justified?

We are witnessing the fastest changes in the world Communication Since human recollection:

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While new developments used to take decades to establish themselves, the mobile Technology only took a decade to reach one billion. This is unbeliveable.

Can technology help solve problems?

I firmly believe that technology can help make the world a little better. Just think of new methods of analysis and investigation in cancer screening that help defeat this disease.

And there are many small businesses that come with a lot Optimism Use technology to implement exciting ideas. On my last visit to Berlin last year, for example, I visited the WALK AGAIN Center in Berlin for robotic and computer-aided rehabilitation. Another great thing is CUCULA eV, a model project that gives refugees basic knowledge of crafts and design and uses a linked educational program to put them on their Vocational Training or yours Job prepared.

How can small companies be successful, given the big competition?

This is actually quite simple. And then in the Implementation but again not how many things. So that a businessIdea In order to become a successful company, you need 3 things in particular:

  1. A company must be focused on its mission: You need a goal, which can be to help other people create products. It is important that the company stands for something. Facebook for example has a very simple goal: to bring people together.
  2. A company must build a community: The way its brand communicates is more important today than ever before. As a result, businesses need a sense that the common cause is greater than themselves. Businesses must take their responsibility for their business seriously.
  3. Companies must communicate who they are: Authenticity is so important in business, and it's even more true for corporate brands. Companies have to make it clear what their mission is and what holds their community together in order to be perceived as authentic. But companies are also more exposed today than they used to be, communication is faster, so more communication is necessary. Purpose drives success!

Is so much authenticity possible and sensible for companies?

There are great examples of how authenticity can help companies: For example, Dove's Real Beauty campaign, which caused quite a stir. Or Schamon Kaffee, the oldest coffee roastery in Cologne. Or Tina Sapia from Sapia's Barbershop in Florida, where I'm from.

Or, as the most prominent example, Airbnb, which has created an offer that allows people to experience a city like its inhabitants.

A company must always ask itself the question: What makes other people stop and look at a Brand to remember? And small companies in particular can use the possibilities of the Internet to expand their message to spread.

How does Facebook help small, ambitious companies?

We have a great passion for creative ideas. Videos on Facebook and Instagram, for example, are a great way to tell stories. People love mobile videos. We also want ads that look like organic content so people share those ads. That's good for the people and good for that Commitment.

When people share the power of Technology and believe that things will get better, then together we can overcome these challenges. Of course, not everything is perfect because not every idea can always work for everyone, but I am thrilled and honored to work with such people. I hope everyone fulfills their mission.

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