The return to one Workplace as an employee after a period of self-employment is special psychological difficult. 8 tips for a successful change.

From entrepreneur to employee: 9 psychological challenges of changing jobs

The psychological challenge of working as an entrepreneur again as an employee

The transition from self-employment to adapting to the Structure of an employer can be challenging. From a psychological point of view, this situation is very complex: As a former self-employed person feel You may feel a little cramped at the prospect of adjusting to a new work environment. It is particularly important that the first few days of your new job go as smoothly and smoothly as possible successfully as possible, because this sets the course for your future career Future.

Because as an independent contractor you had the freedom to work on your own schedule, your own Executive to be and work in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you. Returning to a structured work environment with strict Regulate and regulations, and above all with less personal power and freedom, may at first seem uninspiring. Nevertheless, the success of this undertaking is primarily a personal question Motivation. With the right mindset, customization can be a rewarding experience. Being an employee also comes with many advantages.

9 challenges: Coping with the job change as an ex-self-employed person

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But what do you have to consider in order to survive the first few days in your new job and to make a successful transition back into professional life? There are some important tips that can help you make and ensure the transition back into employment.

1. Use the skills that have made you successful as a freelancer

Even if you only see your failures at first, as a former self-employed person, it's important to reflect on the successes you've had as an entrepreneur and what made you successful in order to ensure success in your new job. You should think about how you communicated, how you treated your colleagues and which ones Strategies you've used to grow your business. This will help you get into it Team to fit in and apply your skills in the new job.

It also helps you understand any differences in the way your new team communicates and collaborates. Communication is the key to getting used to the new environment. So take the time to listen to your new colleagues and understand their perspective on team dynamics.

2. Set realistic goals

As a former self-employed person returning to work, it is important to be realistic Set to put. In order to fit into the team, you need to plan ahead and understand the expectations of your new job and your co-workers.

This is especially important for entrepreneurs who were used to managing their own time and expectations. Communication is also important - both to understand what is expected of you and to let your colleagues know your plans, ideas and share thoughts. If you take the time to build relationships and positive Having conversations will help you fit into the team and thrive in your new job.

3. Consider corporate culture and adapt accordingly

As an entrepreneur moving to a new position, it is important to consider the company culture and adapt accordingly. This means that you share the values ​​and expectations of the team and the Company understand so that you can fit into the team and make a positive contribution.

Get a clear picture of the communication channels used in the Office used and take the time to meet your colleagues and theirs Tasks to get to know. If you take the time to learn about the company culture and adapt your approach, you'll be better able to fit into the team and create a successful transition.

4. Take the time to get to know your colleagues

As a former entrepreneur, one of the biggest adjustments you'll have to make when you start a new job is getting to know your co-workers. It is though lightto jump right into the work and prove yourself, but it's important that you take the time to do the People get to know the people you work with.

Building relationships with your colleagues can help you fit into the team and ease your transition. Take the time to communicate with your colleagues Ask and learn about the dynamics of the team. This will help you better understand what is expected of your role and gives you an opportunity to ask for help if needed.

5. Ask questions if you are unsure about something

As a newer Employees, who dares to take on a new task, it is quite natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about certain things. Ask your co-workers questions if you are unsure about something.

Don't be afraid to fit into the team by asking questions and communicating with your colleagues. This will help you understand the company better and will make it easier for you to adapt and become part of the team. Also, by asking questions, you show that you are a team player and willing to learn.

6. Adopt a flexible and positive attitude

As a former self-employed person, one of the most important prerequisites for a smooth transition to a new job is that you have a flexible and positive attitude. As an entrepreneur, you are probably used to working alone and having a lot of freedom. However, when you start a new job, you should keep in mind that you are now part of a team and you need to fit into that team, both in terms of your work style and yours Behavior in the center of town.

This means that you have an open mind about the way people work, communicate with your colleagues to understand the culture and become familiar with the way the team works. A positive, flexible attitude will help you make an immediate impression on your co-workers and ensure that you feel comfortable fast settle into your new role.

7. Motivate yourself by recognizing the benefits of employment

They had the best of intentions, but suddenly Stress with the new boss or colleagues? Especially in frustrating situations, it is important to keep thinking about the benefits of a permanent job Eyes respectively:

As an employee, you have a fixed Income, which you can rely on every month. That means you don't have to worry about the fluctuations that come with a freelance job or business. It also allows you to better predict your budget. In addition, employers often offer benefits such as Health insurance, retirement savings and other perks that can help you Money to save. As an employee, you also have the stability of a long-term career. You can experience and

8. Use the resources and training available to you

As an entrepreneur, you may be used to working independently and having a degree of autonomy. In your new job, you may have to adjust to working with a team and having a manager. Utilize all the training and resources available to you to familiarize yourself and ensure you are up to date with the requirements of the position.

It is important to maintain good relationships with your colleagues. So take the time to get to know them and be open and receptive to their advice. Things to Learn Learn how to communicate effectively with your team and managers, and take the time to understand how you can fit into the team and use your skills to help the company achieve its goals.

9. Learn from your mistakes and see the big picture

As a former self-employed person, you shouldn't Anxiety avoid making mistakes when you start your new job. Instead, take them as a chance to learn from each one and see the big picture. This may be difficult at first, but it gets easier over time. Also remember that you have been a successful entrepreneur in the past.

So don't be afraid to draw on your previous experience to help you fit into the team. Communicating with your colleagues and explaining any challenges you face is important because they can help you quickly adapt to the role and become a successful member of the team.

Conclusion: Success in the new job also depends on your motivation and attitude

Self-employment as an entrepreneur or freelancer is in the modern Economy has become increasingly popular in the course of digitization in recent years. Founding your own thing, self-realization in a start-up, is now considered good form, so to speak. However, there are many advantages to becoming an employee instead. As an employee, not only do you have a secure income, but you can also enjoy a range of other benefits. However, adjusting to a new job as an ex-entrepreneur can also be a psychological challenge.

Even if many judge the return to professional life as an employee after a period of self-employment as a failure: You can do it change also see positively that with the right attitude and preparation it can be a satisfying and successful journey. Adaptability to the new environment, the time it takes you to familiarize yourself with the duties and responsibilities of a new job, and a positive attitude are important factors for a successful return to the job Job. With patience and hard work, anyone can create a successful return to work.

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