There is a lot of tips and advice on how to start conversations and small talk - but little is said on how to end them - and if possible without Stress. An overview.


Correctly saying no - why is it necessary?

The answers to the following Ask might be shocking: How many People do you know her No say to you without hurting you or your feelings? And how many people do you know who can say no to you without making you uncomfortable feel? In fact, saying no is right Art, which also depends a lot on the situation.

There are a variety of reasons why it is necessary to Conversation to end, such as:

How to finish a conversation elegantly

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Timing matters: many people find it difficult to get a sense of when it's time to end a conversation. We all know such awkward situations with strangers at a party, with colleagues in the Office or with friends at home.

At some point you run out of things to talk about, get bored or just want to talk to other people in the room. But how do you elegantly end a conversation without being rude or even insulting the other person?

When Small Talk becomes a real plague

For everyone involved, a conversation that only splashes around and is laboriously kept alive is exhausting and, above all, time-consuming. So do yourself and the other person a favor and put an end to the torture, if possible without further ado.

Of course it depends on the situation you are in at the moment, how fast and how directly you end the call. In a perfectly sane conversation, you can answer a question or comment with a simple no without cutting off the conversation entirely. Or you can gently point out to your conversation partner that they said something you don't like without looking like an idiot.

Small talk with the Federal President?

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In other situations it may not be so easy: If you are at a reception by the Federal President and Joachim Gauck would like to exchange a few words with you, I would recommend that you take a little time, even if you would rather be with the blonde hostess who would serve the canapés.

But what is the best way to deal with situations, communication partners and conversations that you somehow want to end or get rid of? Should you just say brusquely what you think? Is it in Order, just to leave or should you find an apology gesture like the old classic “I have to go to the bathroom.” Or particularly precarious dealings with superiors: you can turn down an offer from your boss to talk if you continue Tasks in-dieser Company want to take over?

Make it like Starkoch Alfons Schuhbeck

The Solution depends of course on the respective situation, which can vary from person to person. In general, though, don't beat around the bush, but be polite nonetheless. How does this apparent squaring of the circle work? I simply assume a minimum of intuition for the situation, otherwise you would not be reading this text at all.

Celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck is a true master at ending a conversation without making you feel like you have just been left stupid. I have seen him several times while he covers the fifty meters that are in Munich between his two restaurants in less than ten minutes, although he is regularly approached by an estimated twenty people on the short walk.

Always a nice word ready

Nevertheless, he has a nice word for everyone, a pat on the back or at least an autograph and everyone is happy about a few seconds awareness from Schuhbeck. To this day it is a mystery to me how the “Fonse” does it.

There's more to it than that, but I haven't revealed that secret yet. However, now I am for sure, it also works because it doesn't tax him and people sense that he likes to talk to them.

3 tips to end conversations without conflicts

But what do people do, who do not have such communicative talent in the cradle? There are three practical tips for them:

1. Change the conversation partner in a friendly manner

The easiest way to end a conversation is to apologize and communicate that you still need to speak to someone else in the room. This seems to me to be very appropriate, especially for receptions, parties and invitations with several guests Method.

Of course, the sound makes the music here too: A friendly “I'm sorry, I would like to talk to you longer, but I absolutely have to Ms./Speak to Mr. XY”, accompanied by a small smile, will probably not be taken the wrong way.

If you want to say goodbye with a saying or a funny remark and then turn to the next person, you should go to the high school of Communication dominate.

2. The toast

If you want it to be easier, I recommend using your glass to help. This works particularly well again at parties and receptions.

Cheers to your counterpart and say goodbye with the words: "It was nice to talk to you, but I think we are expected to mingle with the people."

3. The handover

The following method requires a little more sophistication, which is similar to a reverse tapping while dancing.

Simply pass the person you are talking to to the next of acquaintances by introducing them to each other, addressing a common topic and finally expressing your hope that the two of them will be able to get along without you in the next few minutes.

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