In today's working world, Tasks automated and processes optimized. Success is based more than ever on a qualified workforce. But everyone needs it Employees Access to relevant educational materials and training.

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Expert deficit despite automation

How big is the risk of losing the job verlieren, driven by automation and digitization? 47 percent of all employees in the financial services sector assume that their job is at risk due to technological advances. Panic? In reality, however, the situation is more complex. Some jobs will certainly disappear due to automation technologies, but at the same time new ones will also be created. Also, by eliminating simple administrative tasks, employees can focus far more on more innovative value-adding activities.

The bigger challenge for Company however represents the search for suitable employees and the retention of these talents. According to the Talent Shortage Survey by the ManpowerGroup, 40 percent of employers confirm that they already have a shortage of qualified employees. The question remains, how big the “net effect” will be from increased efficiency, elimination and systematic shortage of talent.

An example: The one based on resource mining Economy South Africa's low-skill industry is transforming into a service-based economy that requires a wider skill set. There are currently too few “highly qualified” workers. This circumstance limits South Africa's development and has led to unrelenting competition for talent. They have highly qualified employees there Choice – if they don't like the job, they can leave an employer at any time, knowing that they fast be hired by a competitor.

“Treat employees so that they only want to work for you.”

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So how can companies square the circle and fill vacancies with employees of whom there are not enough? To quote Richard Branson, Virgin's CEO, “Train employees so that they can work anywhere, and then treat them so that they only want to work for you.” For me, the following crystallizes from this: Employees should receive the best possible support in career development.

Employees rarely leave a job where they have a Esteem feel their work. Both payment and non-financial benefits such as working from home every now and then or a sponsored gym membership play a role. However, companies need to be more committed to their employees feel. “Mens sana in corpore sano”, today “Low Carb Engaged Work-Life-Balance with Virtual Empowerment ”, but also does clearthat lifelong Things to Learn for the entire workforce of great Significance at a hunt.

Promote - do not neglect

companies Boy, technology-loving talents in the hope that they will become the leaders of the Future become. However, research by Oracle has revealed that the on account doesn't work. Only 21 percent of below-managerial employees see opportunities for professional development with their current employer, and only 39 percent anticipate long-term employment with their company.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that the opportunities for further training are assessed as “too little” or “irrelevant”. It is no wonder in a knowledge economy that it is “tuned with your feet”, but self-protection.

Training programs and courses should be personalized and career-related. Especially at lower hierarchical levels, the employees of the Opinionsthat the education and training activities are unrelated to their development plan – in other words, pointless for a step “up”. 60 percent of Executives and managing directors see it completely differently - this level recognizes the connection for itself.

Exciting results generated by the Oracle study “From Theory to Action”. Employees want tools for them Online— and collaborations, like webinars, whiteboards, and social media — are willing to learn. However, we also found that only 22 percent of below-managerial employees have access to such resources, while nearly two-thirds of higher-level employees have access to them.

Tying and promoting talent

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HR- Managers are facing increasing pressure to retain highly qualified employees as talent shortages increase. The amount of the salary and the career opportunities play a decisive role here - especially when recruiting new employees. Money can be mobilized quickly via budget. A career relevant modern System on lifelong learning, in order to retain and promote talent, is not even implemented quickly. A shift in focus from HR to modern and role-based training and learning is essential to circumnavigating the talent shortage problem from within.

At the same time, companies are confronted with several challenges at the same time: on the one hand, the speed at which the corporate environment is changing and, on the other hand, talent is becoming scarcer. In these circumstances, traditional human resource processes are no longer effective and HR teams must take initiatives to ensure a stable workforce and the future success of the business.

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