Focus on customer enthusiasm - that's what most people write Company on their imaginary flags. But that there is a lot of time and Attention needs – very few people consider that. Not just for them customers, but first and foremost for the employees!

Inspire customers with employer branding: the employee counts!

Enthusiastic employees, satisfied customers

Employees who love their job and therefore make customers happy are an ideal one Combination and the guarantee of success for service-oriented companies.

However, the wishes and expectations of both sides can be very different. This is exactly where the daily challenge in dealing with one another lies.

Bad day?

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Or just an awkward hour? Neither one nor the other can be afforded by providers today. The restaurant, which is top in all reviews, but of all places where you serve the food lukewarm and unfriendly. The hairdresser who is highly praised by all friends, but who of all people screwed up the cut with you.

In these cases, would you tolerate a bad day or hour? Certainly not. After all, we pay to have the best possible Performance receive! And not just in terms of the product or service itself, but also in terms of personal service. We expect to be around us as Customer or guest is taken care of.

Lived culture of enthusiasm

Whether a customer comes to the optician's branch, the fashion store or the hotel - wherever they go, they first expect to be noticed at all. Good hotels, for example, are representative of a culture of enthusiasm that sweetens every guest's stay and thus strengthens loyalty:

Let's just take an imaginary look into the scene:"A guest is entering the hotel foyer. At the reception an employee who obviously does his job with the deepest conviction. Although he is currently on the phone, he immediately makes eye contact with the arriving guest, giving him his attention and indicating with a friendly nod and a gesture towards the waiting area that he will be there for him in a moment. After ending the call in a friendly manner, he greets the guest warmly. He offers him a refreshment and makes the annoying filling out of the registration as pleasant as possible. Visibly enthusiastic about “his” hotel, the employee explains the guest about the usual service options: from the cleaning service to wellness treatments to going to the restaurant in the evening – combined with the suggestion to book something for him right away. If we continue to accompany the guest, we find that in all areas of the hotel every employee is keen in their own way to make the guest's stay as pleasant as possible. A personal approach and the skilful fulfillment of individual wishes is a matter of course. Guests feel feel comfortable and in good hands all around.

change of scenery any Shop - somewhere in Germany: “A customer enters his shop almost unnoticed Wahl. Two cheerful employees are in one Conversation engrossed and hardly take any notice of it. When the customer does catch the attention of a salesperson, his question about a product is answered with a link to the manufacturer's website. He is highly committed Seller on the other hand, when attempting to offer the additional sales ordered. He boldly pushes the specially created flyer into the interested party's email Hand with the comment: Here you will find all important information! Confident and very satisfied whether the support in his decision making the customer leaves the store to march straight to the competitor – or to order online. The seller is happy to finally get his administrative Tasks to be able to turn to. After all, it will soon be the end of the day.”

When the customer experience turns into a disaster

As this example shows, the highly acclaimed customer experience fast end in disaster. In many companies there is still a completely encrusted way of thinking: service orientation is "nice to have" - ​​the product is much more important! At least some employees at the point of sale in direct contact with customers hold the long outdated and antiquated thesis that only quality counts.

Admittedly, it's often just the little things that make the difference Success or a customer who leaves the house dissatisfied. But whether it's the lack of ambience or the lack of quality, disruptive processes or incompetent employees - they will Problems not recognized and from the World created, they quickly make the rounds. Social media is merciless and more and more customers are willing to comprehensively share bad experiences in particular.

The underrated emotional component

For many companies, customer satisfaction is a nice word on their own homepage. And that the employees are valued and promoted, it is in everyone HR-Profile. But how much of it is actually used in the Everyday life lived? How many of these promises come true? If a company does not manage to put on the customer's eyes again and again, you will quickly realize that standards are only half the truth. Rattered down by the employees, these are well intentioned, but in no way purposeful.

Will the most pleasant statements "Have a nice day", "What can I do for you?" etc. will not Honestly lived, they are superfluous. One thing is certain: the HOW is more important than the WHAT! The emotional component is high. If the service is not good, it is usually even higher than when customers experience a company, a product or a service as inspiring and theirs Family or tell your circle of friends.

Allow sufficient space for the concept of service

Yes, sometimes customers are satisfied and enthusiastic, sometimes not - by the way, that doesn't always have something to do with the service level of the company. So both occur and providers have to reckon with both. And even if it is very difficult - if not impossible - as a company to always have 100% enthusiastic customers, companies always have an influence on it.

You can positively strengthen the whole thing by giving the service idea enough space, creating a culture of enthusiasm, but above all in time and attention invest – for both employees and customers.

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