If long-serving members Team-Members and colleagues suddenly becoming bosses often lead to conflicts. Envy, intrigues and exclusion are often the result. How are the new ones? Executives to?

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What to do after the promotion?

After many years of effort, the time has finally come: You become the Executive promoted to the department. But how do you behave in this new situation? And which blunders need to be avoided in order to avoid conflicts as much as possible?

“And suddenly you’re not invited to birthday parties anymore,” someone told me recently. “That’s just part of it.” Very few new managers really understand what else is involved, let alone know how best to deal with the new situation.

The transition from Employees becoming a supervisor is undoubtedly a turning point that brings with it challenges but also many opportunities. With the right attitude, the willingness to develop further and an open approach, this step can become a fulfilling and worthwhile journey - both for yourself Career as well as for the development of a strong and successful team.

The promotion: From employee to supervisor

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The professional one Ascent From employee to supervisor marks a significant step in the career ladder. It is one Transformation, not just with new ones Tasks and responsibilities, but also with one change perspective and dealing with colleagues. This transition period can be challenging as it involves transitioning from a team member to a leader rethink in relation to Behavior, Communication and decision making requires.

For example, managers should continuously develop themselves in order to cope with the constantly changing requirements and challenges of the Working world Keep up. This can be done through targeted training and further education on topics such as conflict resolution, communication techniques, time management, leadership, emotional Intelligence and strategic Planning received.

The challenges of changing roles

The transition from the role of employee to manager is often accompanied by a variety of challenges. Suddenly you are responsible for the well-being of the team, the achievement of goals and the development of employees. This requires a shift in thinking from executing tasks to delegating and supporting others in executing them.

The biggest hurdle may be the transition from camaraderie to authority. Former colleagues may see the new boss with others Eyes, which can lead to tension or uncertainty. One klare Communication and awareness of this change can help ease the transition.

The development of leadership skills

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A successful transformation requires the development of new leadership skills. This means developing the ability to delegate, motivate and be an inspiring example. A greater emphasis on communication, empathy and strategic planning will be necessary to lead effectively.

Making decisions that may not be approved by everyone is also part of the new responsibilities. It is important to communicate these decisions transparently and involve the team in the decision-making process wherever possible.

Ultimately, ongoing personal development is an essential part of preparing for the demands and challenges that new leaders face. Appropriate leadership coaching is an investment in personal and professional development, not just for the individual growth but also benefits the success of the entire team and company.

Dealing with conflicts and challenges

Conflicts can arise within the team or between employees and the new manager. It is crucial these conflicts constructive by promoting open communication and fostering an environment where different views are accepted and respected.

In addition, the new position requires the ability to deal with challenges and view them as opportunities for further development. An open mind and willingness to learn from mistakes are essential to developing in the new role.

In addition, exchanging ideas with other managers and being involved in mentoring programs is extremely valuable. The direct exchange of experiences and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of experienced managers are often just as instructive as formal training.

The importance of training and support

The Significance developed by Further Training for the transition from employee to manager is invaluable. It's not just about strengthening existing skills, but also new ones Competencies to obtain that is specifically for the Guide and the management of teams are relevant.

To be successful in the new position is continuous Further Training of great importance. This can be achieved through training, mentoring programs or exchanges with other managers. Also the support from that Company, in the form of resources and clear guidance, is critical to a successful transition.

Companies should also provide support and resources for their emerging leaders. This can include the provision of budgets for further training measures Organization of workshops or the creation of internal mentoring programs. Such support not only signals Esteem for the further development of employees, but also helps to ensure that the new managers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully fulfill their new role.

7 tips for new bosses to deal with employees

What if the old friends suddenly react strangely to your jokes? What are the possible pitfalls and how do you avoid them? 7 tips on how to handle the new situation.

1. Courage to be unpopular

A typical mistake that is seen frequently is the leader's attempt to be “Everybodys Darling”. You can't always please everyone without rubbing yourself up.

Here's a certain one Courage asked about unpopularity. It is important to explain to employees why, for example, a request cannot be fulfilled. “Popularity is passing Respect stays ”or“ Everybodies darling ”, two slogans that shed light on the subject.

2. As a boss to be taken seriously?

But how can one achieve to be taken seriously as a new boss? A tip: Do not bend. The ex-colleagues now expect a leadership personality. As such, one must maintain one's own personality.

A question that keeps asking new executives time and time again: Should I try to do everything differently than the previous boss? Or rather follow in his footsteps?

3. Innovations right through boxing

It may be useful to know why the old boss left to avoid the same mistakes. However, you should never get involved in a comparison with the predecessor.

Do your own marketing. It is best to implement innovations at the beginning. If only once again Everyday life it's hard to innovate and ideas zu sell.

4. Being a boss - this is how it works

Now not all colleagues will immediately understand that the new boss is now in a different role. How do you react to comments like "Now don't come out of the boss, last time you were completely different with beer?".

In your new role, choose your words with more finesse than you used to. The old "buddy attitude" can in the current situation light be misunderstood.

5. Beware of colleagues of the opposite sex

Especially with the relationship between man and Ms. In the age of #Meetoo, a conscious retrenchment is appropriate, too fast harmless gestures can be misunderstood.

Hugs, for example, tend to be out of place. The "you" should still be consistently followed. But be careful not to treat anyone preferentially based on the title.

6. Criticism of colleagues

What many find difficult in their new role is Criticism at the work of a former colleague to practice. The word "criticism" should be replaced by "target/actual comparison".

Sit down with the employee and simply ask how the situation could be improved. Think about the sentence “Most People may rather be ruined by praise than built up by criticism”. Again, the right choice of words is crucial for success.

7. Caution sandwich position

A further balancing act, which wants to be mastered, is the intermediary position between the superior boss and the subordinate employees. Here you are in a buffer function, in the sandwich position.

And like a sandwich, the most important part is in the middle, without it the whole sandwich tastes bland. Show along self-confidencethat you represent your employees with conviction, that you stand behind them and at the same time show your boss that he can fully rely on you and your team.

Conclusion: See change as an opportunity

The transition from employee to manager is not only a step on the career ladder, but also a significant personal development. This transformation offers the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge yourself and prove yourself in a new role. The challenges that this role change brings are often an opportunity for personal growth. Dealing with new responsibilities, managing conflict, and developing leadership skills can be deeply enriching for personal and professional development.

The key to success lies in the willingness to continually learn and develop. Accepting further training opportunities, finding mentors and exchanging ideas with other managers can help you strengthen your own skills and consolidate yourself in your new role. It is also important not to underestimate your own humanity verlieren. Authenticity, empathy and the ability to create a supportive environment are essential to being a strong and effective leader. By becoming aware of your own Power and weaknesses and leads in an honest and transparent way, you can gain the trust of the team and a positive Create work environment.

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