Many People, and bosses believe that the louder they say something, the better they will be understood. In some people this goes as far as choleric attacks. But now Hand straight to the heart: Unpredictable, screaming, wild – that's how shy you are for sure most people. Employees a! But does he understand you correctly?

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Crititk to the point

By appropriate Feedback Everyone knows where he stands. By praising someone for something very specific, I have already given positive feedback.

The important thing is to get to the point. You can really praise your employees openly before the others.

Just do not show it off

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Of course, you should not expose your employees to others. A deeply hurt person never forgives you! He'll quit sooner or later.

Be sure to take the employee aside. If possible in a separate room. There you clarify everything in an open Conversation.

Weniter expect to do more yourself

In our case, that of Elli, Lisa and their new colleague in the last post, the constructive feedback would have helped. As in the first part of the goal-oriented Communication described, one obtains by skilful Ask appropriate answers.

Unfortunately, Elli has expected too much and left everything to chance - but that does not work.

Communicate - but right!

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Through an active situation-appropriate communication, you prevent the termination of employees and work more purposefully.

Den: Unpredictable, screaming, wild so you cow everyone - but does he understand you correctly?

Gestures and facial expressions communicate with

Our facial expressions, our gestures and our tone of voice can be a curse or a blessing at the same time. We often use these three unconsciously, sometimes consciously. They support communication on positive or negative Way.

Therefore, we should be aware that by inappropriate Behavior on our part, others may react in an undesirable manner.

You can never please everyone

It's easy to respond appropriately. People clearly show whether they agree with what - and how you say something.

That you can never please everyone is logical. Just act the way you expect the others to, then at least you have done your best.

Wrong understood communication

Let's take an example. Judge for yourself who has just misunderstood something: Irene is currently the shift manager in her restaurant. “Get going! Hurry up! Let's go!”, hers rolls over voice increasingly.

Manu and Anne are on duty. Some are already in tears Eyes and the other trembles. “Why are you standing there like that?” Irene railed. Don't you see how crowded it is, bang, bang, bang. She energetically pushes Anne aside and rushes to the next guests.

Especially when dealing with stress calm and prudent

She takes the tense expression on her face. Breathing heavily she asks: "What should it be?" The guests look at her grimly.

Manu and Anne, on the other hand, give her a compassionate look. Irene blushes because she realizes how badly she arrives at the guests - not to mention her two employees.

4 X 3 Tips for goal-oriented communication

Had Irene heard better in one of the staff training sessions, Manu and Anne would have been spared a lot, right? I think that we should be particularly calm and prudent, especially in difficult moments of working life. Everything else is backfiring.

3 tips for understandable communication

  1. Basically, first deal with the respective situation.
  2. Then assign your employee exactly.
  3. Then ask specifically.

3 tips for goal-oriented communication

  1. Watch the action and react accordingly.
  2. Do not leave anything to chance.
  3. Give attached feedback.

3 tips for conscious communication

  1. Always control your tone and be predictable for others.
  2. Watch as you move. Do you wave aggressively or radiate peace?
  3. Control yourself. How do you look, grim or friendly?

3 tips for goal-oriented communication

  1. Watch the action and react accordingly.
  2. Do not leave anything to chance.
  3. Give attached feedback.

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