It takes a clear argument about the meaningfulness and folly of hierarchies in each individual Company. Objective should be a good one Balance between hierarchies and networks .

Employee motivation for managers: decision-making in the network

Networks in knowledge management

The Term of the network is used in particular in knowledge management when it comes to the fast and smooth exchange of information.

Networks are pragmatic and don't ask for permissions. Employee A can ask employee B from another department what the latest findings are Projects revealed without informing the department head.

Higher information flow

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Networks promote the flow of information. And since information is necessary to Tasks To drive things forward, this input, which employees get from others, acts like fuel for Motivation.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks of executives is to clarify the question of how the flow of information is natural Feedback can be used to promote employee motivation.

The following four questions are of particular importance:

Small teams on site

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In addition to the exchange of information, there is also the question of decision-making powers. High-risk professions, for example in the military or aviation, require hierarchies to determine the responsibilities clear to locate. The network concept has been gaining ground in many other professions for a number of years.

That means: Small teams on site are closer to the customers, therefore also know more and can therefore, within a certain framework, make better and faster decisions. In addition to the budget, the Customer more into focus, which is in line with the idea of ​​a balanced scorecard.

When hops and malt are lost

And each of these employees needs something different, to a minimum Performance to deliver Some just give you a little nudge and they'll go by themselves. Others need a listening ear and a few warm words ten times a day, and for others hops and malt are lost. So sorry.

But there are such enlightening moments when we have to admit that when dealing with some employees, it can only be about preventing the worst and agreeing on a modus vivendi, especially when there is a termination, for whatever reason always – of lack Alternatives to nepotism - is not an option.

Once again compact

It is always important to illuminate the two sides of a coin. On the one hand, it is important for you as a manager to clarify which roles you should take selectively depending on the situation in order to influence your employees.

While there are near-hopeless cases, this model should mean you rarely need to go into damage control anymore. On the other hand, the decision-making structures and hierarchies need to be clear. Both together give employees the necessary Orientation in everyday working life.

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