Bonus systems are commonly considered to be an effective method of rewarding employees because of performance. And they are considered motivational No 1. Lately, however, the Criticism louder and louder at the performance bonuses. How can companies have a fair salary push through.

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Bonus systems wisely

One of the main points of critic: Bonuses would apply to employees though Performance drive instead intrinsic motivated to work, they would soon deliver pure piece work. And just at Tasks, which require a lot of transfer work, is difficult.

But bonus systems can be advantageous for both sides. Switching to one System should, however, be gradual and well thought out.

How does performance-based pay help?

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Performance remuneration is intended to help improve services as well MotivationTo strengthen personal responsibility and leadership skills. This is what it says in the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD).

Also in private Corporate play these four aspects at the decision a key role for a performance fee. However, because private-sector companies are in competition, there are also efficiency, flexibility, quality, productivity and innovation goals.

Bonus payments can be additional motivator

In addition, the benefit of performance remuneration as a corporate control and management tool is often highlighted - especially when replacing outdated piecework, commission and bonus systems.

As a result of the changes in the labor market, another aspect has recently come to the fore: highly performance-related pay systems show that performance in this company is not only perceived, but also rewarded. This has a particularly positive effect on the retention of the top performers in the company.

How recruiting benefits from bonus payments

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That too Recruiting benefits from this: willing to perform Candidate send their documents primarily to companies that offer a high percentage of performance-based remuneration. This method teaches you how to set up a corresponding remuneration system successfully introduce.

If you are entrusted with this task as an internal project manager, you should be well networked in the company. You should have experience in the field of change management and an affinity for key figures as well as knowledge of personnel management and leadership.

The 4 levels of bonus introduction

For the introduction of performance-related pay systems, a four-stage process has proven to be particularly useful in practice:

  1. Analyze the prerequisites
  2. Designing the benefit payment system
  3. Support rollout and implementation
  4. Check and improve the performance control system

First, as a manager, you deal with the human and technical requirements for structuring performance-related pay. In the conception phase (stage 2) you develop the company-specific system for determining the performance fee and prepare the necessary processes and instruments. In stage 3, you ensure the necessary know-how and the acceptance of the workforce. Because it is the task of Executives and their employees to implement the new performance-related remuneration system in a targeted and regular manner. As the project manager, it is your responsibility Implementation to accompany and monitor. In stage 4, you initiate the process of continuous modernization of the performance-based remuneration system.

Analyze the prerequisites

I would like to clarify the first step in more detail and explain it step by step. The human, system and technical prerequisites for the design of the power control system are examined and possibly achieved. This includes

1. Communicate with superiors and employees

In order for you as a supervisor to successfully manage the introduction of performance-related pay, you must first of all clarify what successes are expected of you. Since performance-based remuneration systems can make corporate management much easier, you will first ask the top decision-makers about this. Here, the following four Ask to be useful:

Forward to the future:

Focusing on present and past:

Unless you have one-on-one meetings with the managing directors to plan, calculate about 45 to 60 minutes each Conversation.

Make sure that you remain the questioner and that the other person gives specific answers and examples. Record the statements and repeat them at the end of the conversation. In this context, ask your interlocutor to prioritize the points.

These questions are known as the four elements of SWOT analysis: Strengths (Power), Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatsrisks). From the answers of the company management you derive the central success criteria for the Projects away. If you have had one-to-one conversations, spiegeln Send the result back to the entire management with a request for final approval of the success criteria.

2. Document the process

For your later project and change controlling, document the current status in the success criteria approved by the company management. Determine the appropriate measurement parameters for the project success goals: the key performance indicators (KPI). For your own safety, record their definitions and the associated measuring procedures.

With a topic as explosive as that change of the remuneration system, you should have an external remuneration expert or remuneration consultant as a project manager: As an internal employee, you bring company-specific information Reset one and your internal Network. The external person supplements this with experience and specialist knowledge in the area of ​​performance-related remuneration. He will take on tasks that you shouldn't take on right now because of your internal ties, or where you as a prophet in your own country will find it difficult to get ahead. He must be empathetic and yet powerful in project management.

The extent to which he can work for you is a question of the budget made available to you. You should hire him at least to check the decisive course settings, i.e. at levels 1 to 3 one to two days each.

3. Focus the goals

After the survey of the company's management, you should organize a focus workshop with the key personnel: personnel managers, controllers, personnel / works councils, managers, and last but not least, members of the target group for which the performance fee is to be applied later. Your main occupation is asking and listening. By means of the SWOT questions you can uncover the intentions, attitudes and perspectives of these persons.

If you mention the core questions in the invitation, the participants are prepared and will bring along some points. Keep track of your tasks and questions, including possible solutions, but move the decision to the 2 concept level.

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