Neither sophisticated bonus programs nor noble company cars inspire Employees in the long run sustained. On the contrary, they are conservative values ​​of decency, respect and knowledge of basic human needs for meaning and social nature.

Best of HR –®

1. Provide perspectives

Giving prospects means nothing other than saying to the employee: “You are valuable to us, we appreciate your achievements and that is why we would like you to have one with us Future with interesting challenges”.

CorporateThose who consistently promote their employees, are interested in the careers of their employees and offer attractive further training opportunities also benefit in several ways, as they particularly bind qualified and performance-conscious employees to the company.

2. Give interesting tasks

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The question "How can we make their work more interesting" is much too rare for managers and employees.

Exciting, challenging, interesting and varied Tasks, with which employees can use and prove their skills and talents, achieve visible results, enjoy a sense of achievement, the Sinn and know contribution to the company as a whole are among the most important motivating factors.

3. Express appreciation

Praise and recognition are the balm and oxygen of the soul, is often rightly said. This is what all employees are talking about and recognize that their achievements are not only recognized, but also appreciated.

Able Executives praise regularly, employee-oriented companies often celebrate success and appreciate achievements. A successful entrepreneur and people leader once said: “In everyone People sticks a king. Speak to the king and he will come out."

4. Discover and promote talent

Most employees have talents. Discovering, promoting and developing this is especially motivating - and perhaps one of the most distinguished and valuable leadership tasks.

The reason is simple: Anyone who uses talent performs particularly well and thus has Success. Those who are successful are proud of themselves and the tasks and thus identify with the company and the job in a special way - and strengthen their self-esteem.

5. Provide responsibility and freerooms

Participation opportunities are highly motivated and important for committed employees, because active and ambitious employees want to contribute.

Above all, the inclusion in decisions and asking for opinions shows and proves Respect before their judgment and that Reset about theirs Expertise. Responsibility and freedom are always a strong and lived sign of trust in Character and skills.

6. Do it all for a good working environment

Employee-oriented companies and supervisors often have teams with Winner character and live rituals and celebrate successes.

Safe in teams feelTo belong to a community, to be able to help and encourage one another and to build relationships of trust is a deeply rooted social need of all human beings. Outstanding leaders recognize and create a positive work environment that inspires employees, meets customer expectations, and Set helps to achieve.

7. Be interested in people as a whole

Employees also crave am Workplace for a social network of relationships in which they are not only perceived as workers, but also as people.

Managers with a positive view of people and empathy are so successful because they recognize and practice exactly this. Attached to Esteem and the ability to listen well, the most important thing is created that makes human relationships also and above all in the workplace: the basis of trust.

8. Emotional Leadership: Show emotions

As a leader, show feelings. superiors with emotional Intelligencewho can inspire enthusiasm for goals, show joy in the successes achieved, a positive Create mood, gripping Engagement reveal and you Team Infecting people in a good mood and inspiring are therefore not only popular, but also successful as a manager.

feelings are authentic and they are the spark that jumps over teams and people and spurs them on to top performance faster than any check or any incentive, no matter how sophisticated.

9. Foundation of meaning in the work

Above all, qualified and performance-conscious employees want to see meaning and purpose in their work. The reason is simple: if you know the positive and constructive effects of your actions, you will see more sense. But that is not given enough attention and is criminally neglected. Best of HR -® author Anne M. Schüller brings it to the point:

“Sinn is the calm, level-headed sister of enthusiasm. Sinn carries neither the need to maximize nor a competitive component. Sense is self enough and frees us ”.

10. Do not miss out on humor and fun

It is misunderstood far too often, how much Humour Connects people, relaxes and puts them in a positive mood.

Working together with a sense of humor helps to reduce tension, inspires employees and opens up new communication channels, facets and perspectives; therefore, it is increasingly viewed as a leadership skill and a form of emotional intelligence to help organizations embrace new cultures and... creativity let develop.

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