In Sales and Marketing Findings from brain research have long been essential in order to generate interest and ultimately the “ballot papers” of the customers, so you Money, to get. Also for Executives is such Reset Extremely helpful when it comes to the full Engagement ihrer Employees goes.

emotions in management

The stuff of which feelings are

Selling and leading, both are primarily emotion management: a feeling for the wishes, which are often unspoken needs, feelings, worries, fears, longings, hopes and dreams of the People. Only: Wherever the mind rules, access to the emotions is quite difficult. A lot of sensitivity is required, because who would like to be caught or exposed in their true feelings?

Feelings are caused by biochemistry and chemical messengers such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, cortisol and adrenaline. Their distribution takes place via the Brain, but we perceive them as physical reactions, for example in the area of ​​the internal organs. We call that gut feeling. The famous 'Butterflies in the Stomach' is an example of this.

Even if we are not always aware of it: We feel always. And a lot of those feelings are public. About 50 facial muscles spiegeln reflected in our inner workings. If you can read this language, they tell you a lot about our constant arc of tension between plus and minus, Lust and pain, joy and sadness, happiness and Anxiety, Love and hate.

Good feelings make the saying yes

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Well-being triggers visibly pleasant feelings and these in turn lead to positive thinking and thus to positive decisions. Being in such a state has other benefits. We are becoming more open and therefore more creative. We become more agile and take action. And we see them World a bit through rose-tinted glasses - like a lover who only sees the good side and the small ones weaknesses gently looks away.

Each feeling has a certain 'temperature' and a certain 'loudness'. This is different depending on the situation and the person, because each brain is differently built. One can express loudly his delight. The other will pack his quiet enthusiasm into a treasure chest which belongs only to him. We experience new feelings longer and more intensively, but all too well-known are weak impulses: boredom comes and life becomes desolate.

Time seems to crawl when we want it fast passes and it sweeps away from us when we wish the moment would never end. The 'fluidity of thought', ie the felt time, slows down in fear and sadness and speeds up in the state of happiness. What at first seems a little paradoxical makes sense, of course Sense: In stressful situations, our brain slows perception, so it provides itself with time to react. And in the fast moments of delight, the 'hunger' for the next kick should be kept.

Our brain wants a happy ending

Brain research agrees with all those who unshakably believe in the positive. Whenever we have thought or done something that deserves a reward from the brain's point of view, happy hormones are released. This Strategy nature not only helps us to survive, but can our Quality of life remarkably improve. This is how people prefer to do what is rewarded.

We are constantly looking for good feelings, at home as well as at work. Also when buying decide we only really decide for or against something when we have 'a good feeling' about it. Anyone who bathes in positive feelings and is in a good mood will definitely buy. On the other hand, you can't do anything to a person who is in a bad mood sell! Internally, something in 'selling' of ideas, the same applies

Overcoming negative feelings - not having to worry or worry because the happy ending is near - is the ultimate Objective. Our brain wants the happy ending, indirectly through avoiding the bad and directly through the search for happiness. Even opposite feelings like love-hate love, gloating or tears of joy also have one positive Component: The small joy of defying the great fear or the bliss of escaping the negative (once again).

Doing good is rewarded with happiness

Doing good makes us happy. This condition is called 'helper's high'. US scientists have found that voluntary donations for a good cause mobilize the same areas of the brain that are also active when we have an increase in our own assets Erwarten.

It is not for nothing that many people who have been kind to life become benefactors themselves. They personally look after those in need or set up foundations for this purpose. So they feel at first hand that altruistic Behavior best feelings by far. Company So 'social responsability' (CSR) should not only be a priority because it is currently in fashion, but above all because it is good for the employees.

In the end, it should be a business goal to make the world a little better. And for executive karrings, only human translators can be considered. Some managers do it quite well. The other is to be withdrawn immediately.

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