eMails are inevitable nowadays. But automation can save a lot of time here. An overview.


eMails that are not written at all

“I don't even have one eMail-Address. I have a Age reached, in which my main concern is not receiving messages.” said the Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco (born 1932). Now Eco was in the comfortable position, no eMails to have to answer. But what are everyone else doing?

The answer is: automation! For example, you can anticipate many emails if you design your website accordingly. If your site is designed correctly, for example, instead of asking for a specific link by email, your visitors can simply go to the website directly.

Follow Up Mailer

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A FAQ page answers frequently asked questions. A follow-up responder also provides valuable services. In my case, the Follow Up Mailer, a program for 15 euros, provides both interested parties and existing licensees with all the information they want fully automatically. While I still read all of the comments and questions, I only respond to them when necessary and when I have the time.

Company internal communication rules

Also the internal company culture or lack of it communication rules have a significant influence on the volume of mail. Anyone who feels they have to constantly protect themselves often sends superfluous copies of an email to all their superiors.

In the case of internal mail traffic, senders should always enter a keyword such as deadline, reply, information or reaction/to be done in the subject line. The addressee can see at a glance what is required of him and what he can do decide, if and when he answers the message.

The number of classifying keywords should be as small as possible: more than five categories are usually not required. The System however requires Discipline from the sender – this can be achieved by each recipient returning unread the e-mails that they receive without a keyword in the subject line.


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We often think that we have to react to every email. That's not true. Delete all unimportant mails as far as possible. Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that can happen if I delete this message?" If the answer isn't too serious, delete it and go ahead. You cannot answer everything. Simply select the most important news.

Delete all immediately eMails that you only received in CC. Inform the relevant consignor that you should refrain from such emails to you in the future. This leaves only emails to be processed, answered, stored or printed out.

Each eMail only touch once

Now, since only the essential eMails are in your inbox, we can address how to get them that way fast empty as possible. After the messages have been sorted into the correct folders, the ideal should be: Any eMail is - just like with the documents in your inbox - only "touched" once.

For the remaining emails, ask yourself whether or which ones SALE is required on your part. Don't read an email without taking immediate action. The mail is answered, forwarded with comments, archived or deleted. So devote yourself to everyone eMail only once, instead of checking your emails continuously.

Block-wise editing

Even if we are editing from eMails automated and unpleasant eMails right in advance successfully sorted out: As a rule, there are still numerous eMails, which now has to be processed efficiently. Call yours eMails in set blocks - and process them within set times. Ergonomists recommend two to four blocks a day. Always feed these blocks clear set times.

For example, retrieve new messages en bloc at 11.30 and 16.30 clock. Inform by autoresponder about your time blocks of eMail-Editing. So you can see what I mean customers inform me about it, just send me an empty e-mail with the subject “Autoresponder”.

Fixed duration for processing

In addition, set a fixed time in advance to process your eMails and stay strictly and without exception within this timeframe. It's best to set a timer.

Check all emails during this time. My time frame is 45 minutes, your turnaround time may vary depending on how proficient you are in the following Methods are how many emails you receive and how you can concentrate on processing them.

Five minutes

Instantly do anything that takes less than five minutes. And get in the habit of replying to emails within five minutes draw up.

Limit to a maximum of five sentences for each answer. Often even a shorter mail is sufficient.

External task list

Don't abuse your inbox as a to-do list, but transfer what needs to be done Tasks on a master list, which you then work through.

If necessary, you can make a reference to the mail. Then archive the mail and done. You still have the task ahead, but it is now on the right list and no longer blocks your inbox.

Success factors for efficiency

Whether you succeed in Future to the truly productive People Belonging to those who limit themselves to only emptying their digital mailbox once or twice a day will essentially depend on two factors:

  1. Of your ability to teach others to respect these intervals.
  2. From your ability to discipline yourself, follow your own rules. Keeping yourself away from the inbox is the heavier part.

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