Many are circulating on the social web Ask and ideas on the subject of social media. However, the focus is usually on finding the right one Vocational Training. Only recently we have on Best of HR -® Yes there was a lot of discussion about it. Rarely if ever have I read discussions that also Everyday life take into account. Therefore, here are three practical questions that every prospect should ask themselves in order not to Fun at the job too verlieren.

social media manager

1. Do I want leisure or work?

Working in the social web does not mean having fixed working hours. In the employment relationship, this may look different in parts, but one should consider that the customers and activities on the portals mainly take place in leisure time. This means they are asynchronous to the real one World.

So if you can't imagine giving up some of your free time, you have to consider whether social media is the right working environment. For many social media managers, however, this renunciation is not so serious because they mainly deal with the topics that they also deal with privately.

2. Where do I want to work?

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If you can live with the time and personal restrictions, you should do as much as possible to create the most pleasant working conditions possible. Lots of social media People work on a freelance basis in order to be able to organize their own working hours as freely as possible.

Also the right one Choice of potential customers should be met at an early stage: Anyone interested in working for a sports club must be aware that game days are rarely at 10 a.m. and that the areas of responsibility include more than pure social media support.

3. What are the costs and investments?

Just like that fast as the Internet as such also develops Technology. It is therefore important to take a long-term and forward-looking approach to plan. This includes, among other things, the purchase of a high-performance laptop with a long service life. After a long struggle I decided on a MacBookPro. A mobile device should also be available.

Due to the current situation on the app market, it is also worthwhile to consider whether the current smartphone is suitable for the increased requirements. In addition to my Blackberry (too short battery time) I have now attached to an Iphone.

Conclusion: Costs and benefits are a great job

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I love my job, but there are some things that I would do differently today. It's just not a qualified one Further Training done, but social media is a diffuse construct of expectations and needs.

I've never had a job that I enjoyed so much and that was so varied, creative and varied - but which also required a lot of concessions (which I rarely notice in everyday life because of my friends). You have to love, understand and want social media: otherwise it will be a tough job to get there successfully to establish.

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