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I studied general and comparative literature, book studies and law. My professional preparation began with the Choice my subjects: I had asked which subject combinations useful and that's exactly why I decided to take law as my minor.

Internships and part-time jobs

Next to the Study I, now a junior editor at Campus-Verlag, began doing internships in the first semester, which gave me insights into the job I wanted - and at very different companies: each with a publisher for fiction and a scientific publisher, a literary agency and the Foundation Reading. At the same time, there were part-time jobs in a bookstore and in the editorial department of ZDF.

Useful experiences

In this way, I noticed early on which areas of responsibility within the literary business come into question for me. For example, I soon realized that press work is less important to me and that I definitely wanted to work in the editorial department.

I didn't just want to use my internship to gain experience, but also to make important contacts, some of which I still maintain today. Because a good one Network is one of the most important factors for starting a career. Many companies are looking for theirs Employees short-term and like to save themselves lengthy ones selection. Good contacts help to be in the right place at the right time in such situations. This means there is a good chance of finding out about vacancies before they are advertised.

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Tips for job search

For me, contacts were not the ticket to her dream job: I found the invitation for a traineeship on the publisher's website. After a total of only five applications, I signed the employment contract a few weeks after graduation.

The learning effect is important!

Today, as a lecturer, I am responsible for the application guide at Campus, among other things, and I am also involved in selection interviews. I can therefore give students the following important tip: When choosing an internship, it is not just about the reputation of the Company but to learn something.

Interns should commit themselves to interesting themselves Tasks make an effort and ask so that something is explained to them - because the employees do not always have enough time to approach the interns of their own accord. But if you notice that you really don't learn anything in the internship, you should Courage have to break off an internship and look for another one.

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Personal commitment is important

After all, when looking for a job, it all comes down to this personal aspect Commitment to: Anyone who hasn't had any experience in a Job brings along, it is difficult for him to assess whether his dream job is really the right one for him.

In addition, with such internships and jobs you learn important key qualifications that show the potential employer that the Candidate is able to implement his skills profitably in companies - for example by working under pressure and in the Team work or with customers can handle.

Work experience - but right!

However, it does not make sense to string together any work experience; rather, the jobs should have a red line in the Curriculum vitae and show progress in personal development, otherwise companies fast get the impression that the applicant is undecided and unambitious. Therefore, when selecting applicants, employers pay particular attention to previous professional experience in addition to the field of study.

For example, we look at how someone presents himself, whether he suits us and whether he has an affinity for this profession. In addition, the book industry is quite small. Word gets around quickly when someone has made a particularly positive or negative impression during an internship.

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