Career, Success, Money, power – these are the paradigms of our Society. Always striving for a higher position, developing further - that's what employees expect today. But some resist the pressure - and that doesn't have to be the worst thing.


Tobi Schlegl - or we are just too used to careers

Recently, the story of TV host Tobias Schlegel went through the press, which abandoned his well-paid job at the cultural magazine aspect to become paramedics.

He justified the self-chosen career break with the fact that he wanted to do something socially relevant. The decision caused a big surprise - it shows how accustomed we are to always taking one career step after the next.

Business career is not always the best

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Because the common maxim is: “Make a career!”. She keeps scolding us from books, the media, and self-proclaimed career experts. But not always the professional one Ascent really always a personal progress: that often suffers privacythat is really important to you. And not everyone is for Executive born. Isn't it better, under certain circumstances, to forego being the boss?

One of the main reasons that speak against the rise: boss can be lonely. Because for many employees, sharing team experiences and working together with colleagues are just the positive aspects of their job. All in all, however, this friendly relationship often falls by the wayside if one is suddenly promoted:

From the specialist in the management days

I'm thinking of a programmer friend of mine who, for his Company had been developing software programs for years: Because of his professional achievements he was promoted to managerial level, but today he has to deal with budget issues and key figures and make unpleasant personnel decisions - a task that no software can do for him.

However, he suffers most from lonlinessthat his new job entails: when he enters the room, conversations fall silent, he often sits alone in the canteen and, as the boss, he has not been invited to private events with colleagues for a long time. His clear conclusion: a career makes you lonely.

envy and loneliness

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Because it is not uncommon for former colleagues to be jealous that the other person has just been promoted. On the other hand, the leadership role also changes Tasks and sometimes even that Character:

Suddenly you have to judge former colleagues, maybe even friends, fairly, but sometimes harshly; this means, under certain circumstances, telling them openly that the services are not sufficient and perhaps even firing people who are not doing the required work Performance not provide. No wonder that in the circle of colleagues fast becomes unsympathetic.

Not everyone is suitable!

However, promotion to the executive floor is often associated with representative tasks: Instead of dealing with a topic, it suddenly becomes small Talk to operate, to make big speeches and that Company to show to the outside. So much self-portrayal overwhelms some who were used to it, in a calm manner Office Going through files or programming software - I'm only thinking of convinced perfectionists who usually don't feel comfortable with something like that feel.

Another aspect is that the rise to the executive floor is often associated with a greater investment of time - and private life usually suffers considerably as a result. Ultimately, everyone has to know for themselves what a career and more money are worth to them: there is no shame in treating yourself differently decide, if for one reason or another you don't feel up to the task.

10 Career Avoidance Tips

Let us summarize: to be boss, to get on, to make a career, that sounds good for the first time: after more money, more power, more prestige, etc. The thing has however also many disadvantages:

More responsibility, more Stress, less time for Family and friends, stress and envy of colleagues. So sometimes it can useful to ask: Do I even want that? Here are 10 good reasons to “No" to answer.

  1. You are already doing what you do best: You are good at your job and do what you like: why do you want to change that and take driving responsibility?
  2. Teamplayer instead of lone fighters: Do you like your colleagues and would like to work with you? Keep in mind that as a boss, you often have to make solitary decisions - and that means: end with funny
  3. Well planned is half won! You are offered a leadership assignment, but you do not feel prepared: consider whether you feel really fit or whether it is a jump into the cold water.
  4. Good boss, bad boss: You want to do good, that is understandable: But as a boss, you also have to take unpleasant decisions and communicate to the employees: Think about whether you feel really up to it!
  5. Load on the shoulders: If everything is going well, the boss is fun, but if it goes wrong, the boss has to bear the entire responsibility - this can become a problem.
  6. Farewell to free time: With friends evenings a beer, the weekend belongs to the family? As a boss it is often no longer there. Is this worth your job?
  7. Stress and Demands: If you have management tasks, you must always have an overview. In order to make decisions, you have to acquire facts, rules and rules, and always be ahead of your employees. Do you feel like it?
  8. Hire and fire: According to surveys, executives are the most difficult to dismiss employees. But this unwilling task would also be part of it: do you feel like it?
  9. Beware of envious people: He who ascends has fewer and fewer friends. But the more enemies that whet the knife. Do you really want to live like this?
  10. Help, Small Talk! Being a boss also means having to sing at every opportunity: whether it's smal talk on festive occasions, presentations or big speeches: That's not for everyone! Consider if it is yours!

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