Focus & concentration on the essentials {+ book}

Better work, information as desired: We give you information you really need and engage with that Federal Ministry of Education as a partner for a sustainable working world. Our publishing house gives print/online Books, Magazine, eCourses out - with over 20 years of experience in corporate publishing and customers like Samsung, Otto, government institutions, publisher Simone Janson one of the 10 most important German bloggers, referenced in ARD, FAZ, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia.

What this book can do for you: You support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice, which thanks to the add-on lead step by step to success. Because achieving your own goals is not always easy in hectic everyday life. Intrinsic motivation helps you to focus on what is really important and essential. Because focus is the magic word when it comes to working efficiently and productively and putting plans into action, even if unforeseen events get in the way of the project. Here, good time management, mindfulness and resilience help to overcome difficulties without fear and to achieve a personal flow state. This book shows how to do it.