Modern technologies have become indispensable for many and have created a new clinical picture: Divided Attention Disorder (DAD). But what do we do about it?

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New media have revolutionized the way we work and offer unprecedented possibilities and opportunities. So simply switching off is not possible. Sometimes we just want that Head lie down next to the keyboard and sleep. The crux is, omputer, Internet and Co. to use properly.

If we don't do this and sometimes forget to press the "off" button, the Technology do not enrich our existence, only complicate it.

6 Tips for the correct handling of the technology

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  1. Conversely, plan your own communication accordingly and use different channels. If you have a Email send, allow your counterpart not to react immediately. If it is urgent, call us.
  2. Sort exactly who to whom you provide what information. Do not become a spammer; not everyone must always be involved in everything. If you protect others from the virus-like spread of worthless information, you end up protecting yourself.
  3. Create a disturbance-free environment in which you can work in peace. If this is not possible permanently, set up fixed times when you cannot be reached by phone and none Emailquery s.
  4. By the way Emails: Ask yourself whether you need to have a visual and / or acoustic signal displayed immediately every new message and whether the time intervals for picking up Emails can't be anything bigger.
  5. On days when you feel very restless and jump from one task to the next without ever completing one, you can try to concentrate on a project for a previously defined timeframe (eg five minutes). Sounds simple, but can be difficult.
  6. Target your brain with complex chunks instead of small bites, challenge it and train yourself to concentrate on one thing. Read the editorial in “Time”. Read a book or join a book club now. Learn something new. Go to the theater (and it's best to read what the play is all about).

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