Sometimes deep ones hit us blockages, called Wusel, completely unprepared, we then react unusually emotionally. What can you do in such emergency situations fast do?


The small emergency package: 4 tips to stop the bustle

There are plenty of possibilities caused by a Wusel Stress to reduce. You might be interested in getting to know a few small emergency interventions that do not change the scurrying behavior but at least interrupt it.

Below you will find four small exercises that are ideal as interrupters when a hustle and bustle wants to start with his usual behavior again.

1. Breathe away the wusel

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If it is a scurrying, the stress or Anxiety triggers in you, it helps to consciously concentrate on your own breathing.

Breathe in and out calmly

Breathe peacefully through the nose and through the mouth. Pay particular attention to a slow and as long as possible exhalation. Imagine how you exhale a bit of stress or fear with each exhale.

And take a little break before you start inhaling again to imagine how you inhale the necessary calm and serenity.

Breaks and mindfulness

Awareness of your own breathing instead of yours voice Directing a scurry is an ideal interrupter for many scurry actions.

If you are currently not very familiar with breathing techniques, you may be a bit skeptical at this point. Try those exercise anyway once in a while. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Information overflow

If you hear the voice of a bustle and want to hide it, the following exercise will help. Sit comfortably on a chair so that your feet are both on the floor. Now feel your breathing again.

Concentrate on breathing

Focus on your breath, direct your whole Attention there. You may still hear the scurrying voice telling you something you don't want to hear. This is not bad at all, but brings us to the next step in the exercise.

Now focus not only on your breathing, but also on how your feet are on the floor, how it feels to feel the floor.

It depends on your perception

It is important that you concentrate on both at the same time. So on the breathing and on the feet. Is the wispy voice still there? Don't worry.

Then you will also notice how you feel the back of the chair. So focus on breathing, feet on the floor and chair back. It is quite likely that you cannot concentrate on these three things at the same time. And that's a good thing, because then you can no longer concentrate on the screaming voice.

3. Sun versus waste oil

If the Wusel has already caused bad mood, frustration or anger, the following exercise helps:

Sit comfortably, pay attention to your breathing for a moment and feel your feet on the floor. Notice how you calmly breathe in and out while your feet are firmly planted on the floor. Close the Eyes and bring the focus to the inside of your body. Imagine how the stress, the fears, the anger, all the negative thoughts and moods have found a place inside you, how all this condenses into a thick soup, a black broth - similar to used oil.

The mental drain valve

Now mentally install a drain including a check valve on one leg at the level of your ankle. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, a simple drain valve will do. If you Lust of course, this also works with a golden valve. She decide.

Open the shut-off valve and notice how the black broth, the old waste oil, flows out of you through the drain and the liquid level continues to drop. When everything is outside, close the valve again. Give yourself a moment to feel how it feels.

Think of an energy source

After that, place an energy source directly above yours Head before. This can be a sun or a bright light, something you are comfortable with and positively charged for you Energy embodied. Now visualize some sort of flap at the top of your head opening to reveal the positive letting energy in. And feel how your body is enriched bit by bit with this soothing, positive energy.

Do not listen until the energy really fills you completely. Then you can close the flap and enjoy the positive energy. This exercise can be a wonderful mood brightener. Here, too, as always: Give yourself the necessary time and a quiet place.

4. Perceive the world again with all your senses

The next exercise is very easy and yet very efficient. When a scurry starts, we usually experience a rather limited kind of perception, a kind of tunnel vision. What could be more obvious than to expand this limited perception again and instead of the tunnel, a 360-degreePerspektive to perceive?

If you notice that a wusel is just in the starting blocks, be aware of your surroundings. Look around slowly and see what you see. Every little detail is important. Let your eyes wander slowly. Also, listen to what you hear, no matter what it is: music or noise, voices, or just silence. Listen carefully while you keep your eyes moving. Try to take your surroundings with a sharpness and accuracy that is often increased.

Mostly gets our Brain through this exercise there are so many sensory impressions that there is no longer any room at all to perceive the scurrying voice.

The result

Each of the four exercises from the emergency package above helps to stop paying attention to the wusel for a short time.

Don't be too surprised if the bustle has long since disappeared over all mountains when you have finished the exercise.

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