To be successful, you need to make the right decisions. But how do you keep track of the oversupply of career tips and advice, and above all your own Set in Eyes?

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The fear of the wrong decision prevents the right path

Lots of people have Anxiety, become irreparably wrong in life decide. In career planning, according to the general belief, mistakes can lead to serious problems in the long run. Yes it can fast lead to a dead end, namely when you are so scared that you decide nothing at all.

The good news is rather: the responsibility for such decision is up to us. And we are always able to work through career mistakes and get rid of them in the right direction.

The problem of today's graduate generation

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Some time ago Jan Thomas Otte interviewed both colleague Klaus Werle from Manager Magazin and me for t3n magazine. The topic was the question of how to find the right path in the opaque jungle of professional and career guides.

The Articlewho is doing so t3n came out spiegelt, as the comments below show, pretty much the problems of today's generation of graduates:

What are your goals?

Career perfectly and stringently planned, umpteen internships demolished, all good advice followed - and at the same time your own wishes and goals, maybe even the whole thing Personality lost touch. Although I wonder if that was ever different due to age.

In Otte's contribution, it is "title heroine" Klara, who job interview has no answer when asked about their goals. In reality this is a common occurrence Problem at a time when there are so many options that most people can't or don't want to decide.

The fear of settling on the wrong

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reason is mine Opinions after the fear of making an irreparable mistake in planning your life: up to a certain point Age should the career start be managed, once the career path has been taken, a change becomes more and more difficult, also because with increasing age (allegedly) the prospects of a successful one Application sink.

In the Welt written nicely. I'll show you how to do that in a detailed post on professional Reorientation.

Current line or crosshead?

I do not share Otte's opinion expressed in the article that something like this is badly received by HR staff, I rather believe that streamlining is unfortunately often sought, even if many Company Better to look out for individual heads, as Svenja Hofert recently described so aptly.

Nevertheless, I think it is important, also from my own experience, own ways to go, as I also advise in the interview. This includes letting others talk you into career paths that are not supposedly safe and not everything being perfect out of fear to plan and want to control.

focus on the essentials

I think it is just as important to consciously perceive the little things in a world in which everyone concentrates on grasping the big picture and everyone strives for great deeds - because it is important to them that they are essential!

Unfortunately, at a time when everything seems to be moving even faster with every new website, with every new technology toy, there is often no time left for the small things in life. No wonder that the small signals, the simple gestures, the unexpected niceties that enrich our lives and him Significance lend, overlooked or ignored. And as a result, many people often miss out on important development steps.

Do not lose in trivialities

Since we are permanently overloaded feel, we hardly pay attention to the small but subtle differences in human interaction and certainly do not want to bother with seemingly unimportant things - although we could leave a much bigger impression with that than with sensational deeds or noble intentions.

Of course, we must not get caught up in trivialities verlierenthat cloud our view of what is important and distract us from our actual goals.

Small signals, great effect

But the fact is: without them awareness for the little things in life and the love of detail, no one really gets ahead, no one is promoted to their dream position and no one can accomplish a real heroic deed.

Surprisingly, it is precisely the small signals, the simple gestures and the unexpected nicety that enrich our lives and give them meaning and which decide whether a project will be successful. While we often fail when we take over the big things!

When hairstyles and socks decide life

Like people, for example, where a new hairstyle changed the perception of others and themselves so much that it became the beginning of a successful new career.

Or the American baseball professional John Wooden, who made it into the Hall of Fame as a player and coach because he regularly checked the folds in his socks before the game to avoid getting blisters.

Do not be fooled, make mistakes!

As you can see, career planning is anything but perfect. It's often the little things and circumstances that lead to success. And such a path in life includes accepting failure from which you can learn. Because that's the only way to be long-term successfully – an example of this is billionaire Jon Oringer, who Interview failure is described as a necessary experience.

To put it briefly: the perfect career does not exist. It is best to do it yourself. Even if it sounds like a rarity: it is sometimes not so simple!

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