Promotional gifts and giveaways are a proven means of customer retention. If you proceed skilfully, you can still achieve very good effects with promotional gifts in the age of digital marketing.

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Why customer retention measures are necessary and useful

The customers are the basis of success for each Company and small gifts not only maintain friendship - but also customer loyalty. Objective It must be the entrepreneur's job to satisfy the customers, which he can do best if he ensures that the customers are in good hands with the company and that they receive first-class care feel. A regular Checking customer satisfaction Gives important insights and highlights necessary fields of action.

But in times of ubiquitous Marketing- and advertising measures, it is also becoming increasingly difficult here to specifically address and inspire "one's" customers. That the acquisition of new customers means a multiple of time and financial investment than that Care of the existing customersis an ancient wisdom in marketing.

1. Giveaways as a small, personalized attention

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Especially when you consider that satisfied buyers can also become authentic and credible advertising media. Recommend products or one Brand further, the investments increase further. For these reasons Measures absolutely necessary for customer loyalty. The psychological Effect of small giveaways as customer gifts is still effective.

There are several ways to approach customers in a very personal way and to remember them regularly. Smaller or larger "typical" giveaways such as writing instruments, notebooks and calendars, cups, USB sticks or other handy tools and electronic helpers have proven themselves to this day.

2. The customer benefit has priority

Crucial, however, is that the giveaways also bring a real benefit for the customers. At the same time, reference to the brand or company is important to make association easier. In addition to stand out from the broad mass of competitors positive, there are also simple ways, the giveaways visually appealing and unique.

The imprinted logo – for example on a USB stick mandatory. A case color-coordinated with the company's corporate design and high-quality packaging are optional and provide the small but subtle difference.

3. Avoid impression of mass-produced goods

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If a company wants to use the positive effect of giveaways for customer loyalty, you should make sure that the promotional gifts don't look like cheap mass-produced goods act. If the customer gets the impression of being the recipient of pointless and cheap stuff, this has exactly the effect that a company does not want.

The Customer feels more harassed than valued and will dispose of the giveaway faster than the company was able to buy it. With a high-quality and individually designed giveaway, the customer is given a feeling of Esteem communicated - the promotional gift offers at best real added value. This is also possible with cheap products. Precise coordination with the respective target group ensures the best effects. The mean of Choice is the personalization of the giveaway in connection with a personal message in the form of a card or a letter.

4. How and for whom you should use giveaways

Experts advise not to send giveaways indiscriminately and widely to everyone on the customer list. Here the individual wishes come into play. The current possibilities of data analysis provide the necessary information about what a customer has bought or even to special properties and preferences.

In this way, the promotional gifts can be specifically selected and sent to very specific customers. This ensures that the gifted customers are not only happy about the giveaway, but can also use it. Another step to personalize the marketing measure would be the printed names of the customers or simply a very individual one Write to.

5. Why giveaways are inexpensive giveaways

The main advantage of giveaways is that they are usually relatively inexpensive to manufacture Article is. The fact that companies almost always order very large quantities enables the providers of promotional items to offer generous discounts or to set very low unit prices. Prices are almost always staggered and the more giveaways a company buys, the cheaper the promotion for which it is used.

with higher Costs is only to be expected if you want to personalize the individual promotional gifts. An imprinted company logo, company lettering or an engraved customer name naturally requires more production work, which results in higher purchasing costs.

6. Expiration of a giveaway order

An effort that can be worthwhile. Because the additional personalization turns the cheap mass product into an individual gift, which not only serves as a flagship for the company, but is also a companion that the customer likes to use for as long as possible Everyday life shall be. In this way, the advertising effect is present for as long as possible.

A precise analysis is essential for the Success every marketing measure. In a first step, as an entrepreneur, you should create the customer list studieren and examine for similarities. If necessary, the clients can be divided into different categories - for example on the basis of personas that have already been developed.

7. Which giveaway for which target group?

You can as Orientation serve which giveaways are most likely to appeal to the respective group of people. The number of items to be ordered (including a small reserve quantity) is determined by the size of the customer group.

After that is closed decidehow to personalize the giveaways. Once everything has been prepared, the purchase can be made and the promotional gifts ordered. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to order the next higher quantity despite a required maximum quantity in order to receive a higher quantity discount.

8. Ordering of giveaways via a provider website

The actual order of the giveaways is very easy due to the websites of the providers. Even for small companies without their own dedicated advertising department, the personalization of the products is usually easy.

Company logos can usually be uploaded directly as a pdf or image file in sufficient resolution. Special software on the order website also makes it possible to adjust the positioning on the products and preview the result. In addition, some providers have even more design options. If you want to play it safe, you can have a voucher copy sent to you for preview.

9. Sending of giveaways

To ensure that giveaways do not end up in the recipient's waste, but are actually used, it is important to ensure that the customer already recognizes by the envelope or package that this is mail from a well-known company when shipping giveaways. So, if possible, all interaction points with which the customer comes into contact should be included in the marketing. To label neutral envelopes or shipping cartons are as low-priced variant and simple stickers with the logo or claim of the company.

Here all possibilities should be exhausted, to show the receiver, from whom the Giveaway originates. These efforts should also be continued in the letter or parcel, for example by a card with a personal greeting or at least by a handwritten address of the recipient. In addition, when the giveaway is well packed, it generates the curiosity and the desire to unpack the present.

10. Giveaways as inspiration and reminder for customers

For many businesses, giveaways are a way to make customers remember you and keep them coming back for more purchases. This already works because the recipient of a cleverly chosen giveaway shows the logo or the company name of the company giving the gift every time it is used Eyes gets led. It is as a visual anchor the simplest but most proven medium to promote a brand.

The more frequently a giveaway is used in everyday life, the better. With each use, the company or brand is recalled. A hands-on giveaway ensures a positive user experience that also impacts the brand's perceptions.

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