More and more settles in Recruiting through that Candidate and Corporate should fit exactly in terms of suitability, personality and values ​​- just cultural fit. But how can this be achieved?


Recruiting processes: Man, a standard model?

The paper fits snugly in the printer. The bratwurst doesn't slip through the grate when grilled: a lot of what's in our Everyday life runs smoothly, we owe Standards. And when it comes to standards, nobody can fool us Germans.

The Respect, which German products enjoy worldwide, we owe such norms and their meticulous Implementation in the production process.

Application process: the limits of standards and norms

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But success blinds us to what standards can and cannot do. While they can easily be transferred to products and services, the whole is shaped by People rather difficult. There are no people from the Stange – we are complex beings.

In application procedures, the professional competence of the Candidates queried. But it is only when bosses and HR managers decode the life motives of the applicants that positions can be filled with the right people.

Personnel selection: Do not press people into stencils

Are people still pressed into templates, as is the case with Assessment-Centers often happens, the success often fails to materialize. A long-term, successful match is only found when the individual life motives of the person match the job.

The life motives provide information about what is important to the individual, why he acts like and what he strives for. They are very likely innate and unchangeable. Therefore, it is important to consider them in the recruitment, development and evaluation of employees.

Find suitable candidates: Motives show what is important to us

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The inner ones have to do this impeller of the candidates first have to be deciphered, for example with the help of the rice Motivation Profile (RMP), a diagnostic tool of motivational psychology, developed by American psychologyprofessor Steven Reiss.

The RMP doesn't focus on that Behavior or a candidate's talents, but what motivates them. The analysis is based on a total of 16 motives, such as striving for power, relationships or recognition, which all people exhibit in principle, but with different intensity.

Motivation of the Applicants: What do Inner Impellers look like?

For example, people with a strong power motive can assert themselves well. They are sometimes a bit more authoritarian in their performance, performance-oriented and responsible and fit well in a leadership position.

People with a low need for power, on the other hand, prefer to take on less responsibility and give less advice or instructions. You are in Team better cared for than in the executive chair.

Personality of the candidate - an imponderable factor?

In the compatibility of the motives of an applicant with the job profile is the challenge for the German human resources. However, although the candidates' internal drivers play such a crucial role, most recruitment procedures currently ignore them.

From the written Application to the complex assessment center - the recruitment processes, especially in large companies, usually focus on technical skills. Although diagnostic instruments ask about personality with regard to emotional stability, ability to make contacts or willingness to perform, they ultimately still make an assessment Competenciesalbeit of a social nature.

Robot recruiting draws conclusions about the personality

Even the new application process "Robot Recruiting", which uses artificial Intelligence Texts and conversations are checked using algorithms in order to draw conclusions about the behavior or characteristics of an applicant, and the life motives of the candidates are neglected.

In contrast to job interview, in which HR managers get a first impression of the personality of the candidates, this falls under the table with fully automated AI processes. It remains questionable whether the Costs, which are invested in the development of such procedures, are really worthwhile compared to the meager results they produce.

The personality makes the difference!

In particular, when it comes to recruiting executives, standardized procedures can hardly do justice to the selection of personnel. To run a company, you need people who are not trimmed to line; authentic personalities who exemplify their own visions and values ​​that make the company fit for the future and don't shy away from promoting theirs Opinions represent and take responsibility.

Worker is just interchangeable, not personality, Marx already knew that. The personality makes the difference! Why should two people with the same abilities and the same level of experience otherwise act in the same situation, sometimes in the opposite way? It is all the more essential to correctly grasp candidates in their personality.

Personal Assessment: Designing instead of managing

Has a new one Employees signed his employment contract and meanwhile successfully incorporated, it continues with the standardized personnel appraisal. Some HR departments still like to rely on standards, not only when it comes to recruiting, but also when it comes to personnel controlling. After all, these scientifically substantiate the decisions made and thus ensure greater objectivity.

But what do such key figures actually measure in the context of personnel appraisals? In fact, such numbers are about quantity data (number of employees), event data (like absenteeism), performance data (e.g Turnover per employee), cost data (e.g. company pension) and the like.

Cultural Fit: Occupy people according to their motives

The actual personality disappears light behind such metrics. Instead of talking about salaries and their grading in the appraisal interview, it would be more helpful to put the motivation of the employees at the forefront of the interview. The salary is often only half the battle. If the creative power of the individual is left unused in the course of working life, his or her talents will wither and that creates frustration. What follows after that is "work to rule".

But those who do what they passionately burn for is not only fulfilling, but also prefers to work, is less at risk of burnout and works more effectively. Quality arises through genuine motivation. And for this, humans only need one thing: the right situation for them.

Conclusion: It takes in the personnel selection head and heart

While the management of Head of the company, the human resources department is at the heart. Ideally, talents are not only born here, but also discovered.

If recruiters succeed in hiring employees according to their motives for life, and in human resources development to promote individuals according to their drivers, then success is achieved - for the individual and the entire company.

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