Anyone who does this today and tomorrow does not make themselves credible. Executiveswho try her Team This is the right path to unsettle. But if you want to spur your team on, you have to be consistent.

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Credibility lives from consistency

Credibility lives from consistency! That's why: No more exceptions to the rule, and sometimes No say. When managers are asked what causes them the most difficulties in managing people, this is often the answer Term Consequence. What about phrases like "A promise is a promise" or "One man, one word"?

Commitments like this are often only one thing at a time when executives are required to have a high level of social competence and unconditional employee orientation: empty phrases that nobody believes. Consequence and employee orientation can be combined.

Creative solutions instead of breaking the rules

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Do you issue the slogan that private trips with company vehicles are prohibited? Then don't make an exception if your favorite employee comes along with a good reason. Because that poisons the work ethic of the entire team and that trust disappears into the manager's statements.

You may be wondering how the ban on private business trips for important reasons can fit in with the enthusiastic corporate culture you are aiming for. The answer: by getting creative and, if necessary, digging a little deeper into your pocket. An example: Your employee's private vehicle is broken and he urgently needs to go to his Mother to the hospital. You have forbidden private trips with the company car. So how do you deal with this situation?

For example, provide the employee with a driver. In this way, you not only reinforce your trustworthiness, but you also establish for surethat your employee arrives safely because he is not upset about it tax puts. The enthusiasm of your team will be sure.

Get out of the harmony trap

And what if the reason given for a private trip with the company vehicle doesn't make sense to you? Then say "No". Even if this measure may result in tight faces in the short term, it is the lesser evil than if you give in and demotivate your team in the long term.

Of course, the same applies to all other areas of everyday work: if an employee does the tasks assigned to him Tasks If you don't do it punctually and reliably, you should react consistently, because otherwise there is a risk of repetition and the once approved sloppiness becomes routine.

Choleric people are inconsistent

An extreme example of inconsistency is a tyrannical one Executive. If you've had the pleasure of working for someone who calls you "a total wuss" one day, and the next day something similar Behavior praised the green clover, you know the effect:

They blunt and verlieren the confidence in this Workplace and actually being able to make a difference with this boss. If you, as a manager, are regularly aware of the consequences of your inconsistency, you will find it easier to say "no" even in difficult situations.

If you're consistent, you'll make sure your team is still enthusiastic about it tomorrow, because they know they can trust you no matter what. Isn't that clear more valuable to you Corporate, as if you made your own out of an addiction to harmony Regulate break and ultimately weaken your role as a leader?

Four more tips for more credibility as a manager

We state that consistency is fundamental to your credibility as a manager.

There are also other facets that are important for your credibility.

1. Be a role model

Actively live what you demand. Here is a short example from everyday business: The one you convened Meeting starts at 10 a.m. All department heads are on site. But who is missing? The chef. Of course, there are good reasons for being late, but no matter what, be on time. Because your employees don't do what you say, they do what you do.

2. Less is more

If you create fewer rules, it is easier with consistent compliance. It is also important in this context: Do not threaten anything that you will not keep anyway.

3. Authentic and clear communication is the key to successful leadership

Getting it across is the motto. You practice, authentic and come across as real. Get to the point and be bold in your Communication. Avoid plasticizers (like maybe), make the right ones Ask and get the answers you want. Put on a confident appearance with significantly more self-confident body language out.

4. Have clear convictions and also represent them

Don't be a principle rider who simply acts on principle, but on conviction. Ask yourself: What exactly do I stand for as a boss? What is particularly important to me? Where exactly is the journey going? Position yourself clearly. As long as an employee has to ponder what exactly you expect from him, he cannot concentrate on his tasks or what he does.

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