Finally, we explore the metric startups should use to measure their growth to measure when new customers win and open up new markets - and the drivers behind it.


3 types of growth motors

There are three engines that drive sustainable growth: paid, viral, or sluggish growth stimuli. When a Startups has identified its growth engine, it can be his Energy target-oriented in the development of the business.

Each growth engine requires concentration on specific parameters to measure the success of new products and prioritize new experiments. If these are combined with the innovation balance method, one can recognize the risk of a source of growth at an early stage and initiate a corresponding change of course.

The toolbox Lean Manufacturing

The books on the subject (advertising)

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We should talk about how to make an adaptable Organization Builds by keeping growing teams agile by engaging in the right set of structured processes.

We should consider how tools from the Lean Manufacturing toolbox, such as the 5 Why analysis, will enable startup growth without bureaucracy or malfunctions.

The change from start-up to the established company

And we'll watch how lean practices pave the way for change from a startup to an established one Company level that receives its growth impulses through top entrepreneurial performance.

In the end, the circle comes full. As startups become established companies, they face the same constraints that they face
Businesses today are struggling to find new ones ways to find in disruptive innovations invest.

Entrepreneurial DNA

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An advantage of the rapid growth of startups is that it retains its entrepreneurial DNA even when it matures into a “seasoned” company.

Businesses that are in today Welt want to assert themselves must learn to manage a portfolio of sustainable and disruptive innovations. The view that startups go through different phases and along the way previous activities – like the Innovation – leave behind is obsolete. Modern companies need different Tasks master at the same time with flying colours.

A protected space for innovation

That's why we should get involved Methods to create a protected creative space for innovation teams within the structures of an established company.

We should also look at the broader implications of the success of the lean startup movement, put it in the historical context, and explore the possibilities for its future direction.

Innovation teams need supporting structures to successfully to be. Startups with venture capital behind them that have a complex System gradually build on the foundation of a simple system, as small, independent companies inherently have some of the necessary structural characteristics.

The advantages of small businesses

Company-internal startup teams need the support of management to create these structures. Whether internal or external, three structural features are indispensable:

Scarce but secure resources

These prerequisites are rare in established areas of the company. These structures are, however, only the starting point and not a success guarantee, but structural errors program the failure.

Many department heads in large, established companies who are very familiar with company policy, probably increase their budget through clever tactics
knowing that it is prone to unpredictability; therefore they set it as high as possible and defend it against attacks by other departments.

Analyze company policy

Company policy means they don't always win: when elsewhere in the organization one Crisis occurs, your budget can shrink by 10 percent in one fell swoop.

This is not yet a catastrophe; the Employees need to work harder and do more with less. Most likely, the budget has
a cushion in the wise foresight of such eventualities.

Just not too big a budget

Different laws prevail in a startup: a budget that is too big is just as detrimental as one that is too small, as countless dot-com companies can confirm, and
they are extremely sensitive to budget changes in the middle of a race.

On the other hand, it is rare that a startup, which stands on its own feet, suddenly loses 10 percent of its cash reserves.

Lighter in the race but difficult to control

That would be a fatal blow in many cases, since they have extremely low fault tolerance. As a result, they are easier to enter the race, but are also more strenuous to control than corporate divisions according to the classic Pattern:

They come with less overall Capital out, but this capital must be absolutely inviolable.

Top books on the subject

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