But what really makes a good corporate blog? First of all, the blog is its own ship, which is sailing through the seas of virtual realities.


In my blog, I am the captain

I'm a passenger on social media platforms, and I'm the captain on my blog. The weblog was created from the wordCombination Web and log or logbook of a ship, in which the important coordinates of one's own course are regularly entered.

Exactly! Of one's own course, that is to say: the blog sets standards. It's a self-disclosure. It serves as a reassurance and check, where do I stand? Where am I heading? So it's self-referential to a considerable extent. The blog operator selects the topics he Welt want to tell.

Social media: An environment created by others

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Now one may object that in a social media forum the users can open their threads. True, they move in an environment created by others in which they set their own little accents.

They are like a tenant in a residential block, which can make their own apartment individually and perhaps create other small niches. If the block of flats is demolished or converted, this affects directly the tenant.

The hiring of corporate bloggers at Xing

When XING closed its “Themes” feature, some corporate bloggers were rented out and homeless. A blog is like your own house - or, to stay in the nautical field - like your own ship.

Now many ships are circling the world's oceans, their logbooks are also used Information each other, where the other ships are, where lines could cross. A variation of Communication. And more and more blog “ships” are cruising through the virtual oceans.

What makes my blog special?

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High time to ask yourself: what makes my blog special? Because a blog wants awareness , it desires an echo of its calls in order to visualize itself through the reaction of readers.

Information and talking to each other are as old as mankind itself. One could also say: e-communication is the virtual form of grooming Talk. What does that mean for Company-blogs?

Blogging instead of skin care?

The anthropologist Desmond Morris sees our need for exchange as a civilizing substitute for the mutual care of the primates. Reversing the lice from the fur is a kind of affection and interest.

Since we rarely discover “naked monkeys” lice in the existing hair growth of the other person and this kind of care would also be considered quite disrespectful, we rely on other means of contact.

Virtual rituals in social coexistence

In times of e-communication, there are correspondences for all stages and variations of the fur care talk.

And they are developing at breakneck speed. The eMail already owns venerable ones today Character. Their own cultures of dealing with each other are emerging on the social media channels.

The different stages of grooming talk

Morris defines different stages of the “Grooming Talk”: From the ritualized gesture of recognition - waving, moin-moin, Grüß Gott, high, clapping in youth groups - to the cheek kiss to chatting in a sociable group.

Today - even if this is by no means a new phenomenon - network talk has stylized itself into a "work of art" of its own. “Adorned” with many advisors; how do I network correctly? And to be seen in many varieties, from the exclusive closed shop to the everyone-talks-to-everyone chatting in virtual ones networks, respectively social media platforms.

New communication channels raise questions

Well, for us they are - still - relatively new. Judging by the development of communication channels in the past decades. And blogs? Simone Janson has recently warned against confusing her own blog with communications via XING and Co. Right is her! It is something different!

It also applies: A blog that is not read, has missed its purpose. The purpose of a post should always be good legibility!

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