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Corporate Health in the Thermal Pool: Like Bill Clinton and Udo Lindenberg {Review}

Corporate Health is definitely on the rise as a trend: Company have recognized how helpful corporate health management is for employer branding. One way to do this: thermal baths with gym - where you can meet celebrities.

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The history of the Kannewischer-Collection

The Kannewischer Collection, that is six thermal baths at five locations throughout Germany. However, the origins lie in Baden Baden, where the company 1994 with the Caracalla-Therme and the Friedrichsbad took over the first own baths.

At the same time, company founder Bernd Kannewischer actually became a baden specialist by chance. He founded 1972 in Zug, Switzerland, as an engineering company and planned 44 public indoor, outdoor, spa and thermal baths as well as hotel wellness and fitness facilities in Germany, the 250 Switzerland, France and Italy the technology.

He was also instrumental in the design of the Caracalla thermal spa, which opened in 1985, and took it on in 1993 as a tenant. The thermal bath built in a joint venture between city and country is considered a pioneer of modern wellness culture. Previously, thermal baths were strongly oriented towards rehabilitation and mostly had square pools. In Baden-Baden more healthy people should be addressed for the first time and the idea of ​​prevention should be pursued. The slogan was "healthy bathing that is fun".

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Corporate Health: How employees get fit for the job

This is exactly the idea that the company pursues today in its offers for employers, in which the topic of corporate health is increasingly moving into focus: prevention and stress reduction in order to keep employees as fit as possible despite all workloads. With such offers, employers ultimately also show that they are actively trying to attract their employees with such offers in the course of employer branding.

What are the advantages of a thermal bath? According to a study by the Medical University of Graz and the State Hospital St. Pölten, a 25-minute thermal bath already leads to a significant reduction in the cortisol content in saliva, which is considered a stress indicator. In addition, volunteers indicated that they felt much more relaxed bathing in well-tempered pools than those practicing other relaxation techniques. In addition, her pain on joints and spine noticeably decreased.

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How thermal baths reduce the burden

Optimal are about 35 ° C, which are perceived as thermally particularly pleasant, because the body without movement neither cools nor overheated. From a medical point of view, staying in water also promotes well-being for other reasons: The hydrostatic pressure promotes tissue perfusion and blood return to the heart, which stimulates the circulation.

The buoyancy and the associated decrease in weight, with the head above the surface only ten percent of it on land, relieves the entire musculoskeletal system, which can recover and loosen up; Brine even makes for a limbo. Moreover, water resistance enhances the training effect because movements are more strenuous and the muscles are more demanding - a concomitant factor that plays an important role in improving physical performance in prevention and rehabilitation.

If the water also contains salubrious minerals, which can affect the body even better through the heat, they will nourish the skin. Moreover, during an osmotic process they penetrate through the pores into the body and provide a deep effect on joints, metabolism or organs as well as on the cardiovascular system.

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Thermal baths - anti-stress centers with a long tradition

Thermal baths are by no means a new invention and have a long tradition, especially in Baden-Baden: “Aquae Aureliae” was the name of the Roman settlement around hot springs. At the foot of the Schlossberg, Emperor Caracalla had soldiers' baths built, their well-preserved facilities, including towering walls and a sophisticated heating system. The ruins were uncovered in archaeological excavations and are now accessible to visitors in a small museum.

Directly above 1869 came up to 1877 Friedrichsbad: An opulent construction style of the Neo-Renaissance with richly decorated façade, hand-painted majolica tiles, stucco, statues and and a foyer that housed 1884 the first gym in Germany.

But the Friedrichsbad offers a very extraordinary experience that differs significantly from the concept of many modern bathrooms. Refer to the Roman bathing tradition on the spiegelvisually, the men’s and women’s side are 17 stations that each visitor goes through in a given sequence. First of all, the extraordinary historical shower heads wash away the stress of everyday life: they are oversized and are operated with large levers. Then the body is gradually warmed up in several steps.

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Applications like Bill Clinton and Udo Lindenberg

It turns out that even the treatment refrained from modern Schnick-Schnack and rather oriented to traditional Kneipp cure. For example, an intermediate station is a stimulating soap-brush massage that scrubs 8 for minutes with thick-bristled brushes and curd soap. After steam bath, bubble baths and cold pools, the highlight of the treatment is clearly bathing in a circular exercise pool under the 18 meter high dome of a temple-like hall, where you suddenly feel relegated to Roman times for 2000 years.

Finally, visitors are pampered with a cream massage before they practice an 30-minute power nap under preheated sheets in the relaxation room. No wonder that the Friedrichsbad already attracted celebrities like Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev or Udo Lindenberg.

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The history of Baden-Baden

The modern spa business in Baden Baden can also look back on a long history: it has been developing since the beginning of the 16th century and flourished in the 19th century when nobles from all over Europe flocked to the "summer capital of Europe" to spend weeks in sophisticated atmosphere and healthy. Among the guests were the Russian scribblers Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, the latter in particular lost a lot of money in the well-known casino

But Baden Baden has much more to offer: the casino, where once the Russian poets Dostojewski and Tolstoy lost money, the Festspielhaus, the Museum Frieder Burda, designed by the American star architect Richard Meier or the Lichtentaler Allee by park and gardens along the Oos. Also as a hiking area, the region is charming with various castles.

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UNESCO world heritage site

No wonder that the small town but extremely chic city, which has only 55.000 inhabitants and is located near the French border, attracts visitors from all over the world: from Asia and the Arab Gulf States to Russia, the countries of origin of the guests, the city around 910.000 Overnight stays a year and not infrequently call luxurious second domiciles in Baden-Baden their own.

To this day, magnificent buildings are reminiscent of this heyday and make the history of the city an impressive experience at every turn. With good reason, Baden-Baden is one of eleven top-class “Great Spas of Europe” from Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and Great Britain, all of which strive for recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Germany provides three participants, alongside Baden-Baden, Bad Ems and Bad Kissingen, also locations of the Kannewischer Collection.

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Modern spa facility

Within sight of the historical Friedrichsbad lies as a modern counterpart the Caracalla Therme. With its architectural appeal to antiquity, it opens up a diverse world of relaxation on two floors - ranging from the spacious indoor and outdoor pools to the Blue Space sensory room to the wellness lounge, where relaxation and well-being are the focus of treatments and massages.

On more than 4.000 square meters, it offers massage jets, waterfalls, water mushrooms, underwater floodlights and two grottos bathing in the indoor pool, which also spans a large dome, as well as outside in two pools with whirlpools and a lazy river to experience.

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Sauna and treatments: offers for companies

The sauna area on the first floor offers seven saunas. A specialty here is the “Spectaculum”, which elaborately stages infusions with light and sound effects for all the senses and up to 80 people. The Blue Space sensory space revolves around mental regeneration, where you can listen to artistic compositions on spherically luminous, gently vibrating couches, which are sounded with new loudspeaker technology.

Both spas offer a wide range of treatments such as massages, beauty treatments, body wraps and peelings, or natural-turf deep-heat treatments.

Kannewischer offers companies, for example, major customer discounts for entry into the terms or special promotions such as the health day at the spa, which includes a seminar, a fitness and relaxation course, water aerobics and 3 Hours free spa entrance at a discounted price.

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Fitness center and special courses for companies

Because Kannewischer operates with the ArenaVita Premium Fitness also an 1.500 square meter, air-conditioned training area, the 2013 was redesigned. Under professional guidance, you can either get your body in shape on your own or attend classes from Body Ballet to Healthy Back to Zumba. The express way enables working people to effectively strengthen and tone up the whole body in a short time

For companies and their employees, there are also special offers such as the six-week Moves course including analysis of the progress made. But also targeted training with a personal trainer, reduced weekly rates or special theme packages are possible.

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