creativity is vehemently demanded in everyday work and at every opportunity, but - as is usual with believers of all stripes - rather reluctantly actually practiced.


Shamans of creativity

To now at the creativity and the expected blessing of economic Success Being able to participate through innovative superiority, the believer seeks professional support in order to overcome the supposed personal “uncreativity”.

The adept finds this support among professional shamans of creativity, a kind of “priestly caste”, if you will, that this cult has produced.

The intensity of the rituals is important

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As we know it from other religions to practice these shamans have great authority and are less concerned with their success Measures because measured by the intensity of their rituals.

It has been observed that deserving decision-makers with serious faces and the unshakable, firm resolve to achieve the highest level of performance in the hands embarked by high priests of creativity.

Creativity Techniques - Faith Moves Mountains?

They willingly undergo rituals with terrifying names such as "brainstorming" and "lineups" and can be systematically robbed of their minds with "headstand" - and "negative methods" - for a considerable fee, of course. As is well known, faith moves mountains ...

create rituals Team spirit, are impressive, sometimes effective, and above all reassuring - from small children to supervisory board members. But does this path lead to more creativity? Or even creativity?

Efficient creativity according to plan

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An efficient Creativity according to a plan within a given time window - with specified results, of course - is as ridiculous as an operational analysis during a carnival soiree.

You can't learn creativity like yoga, or golf, or Business English - Creativity is innate and used by everyone on a daily basis. It is an integral part of our thinking and serves to create new ones Solutions to think up - solutions that we can neither draw from our habit nor from our wealth of experience.

Everyone is creative!

This takes place daily, on a large and a small scale. Whether it's making plans, lending a nickname, or inventing a credible excuse. Even when maneuvering in a crowd, where you avoid collisions step by step without any right of way.

Creativity is part of the standard equipment of the human species - anyone can develop it and it can be used in professional life Everyday life implant. Like everything else, creativity can be trained and optimized. You can learn to pay attention to your perceptions.

The creativity of selling things to people they do not need, such as creativity

You can practice associating, i.e. reconnecting information under the premise "What if...". And you can practice dealing with inner images and further develop your pictorial thinking. Maybe not without help, though for sure without hocus pocus.

Once you've perfected your creativity, it's yours World open. As is well known, one earns particularly well if one People Selling things they don't need. But it is a notable stroke of genius and shows the greatest creativity in bringing things to people sellthat they themselves have in abundance. For example creativity.

The Mystery Chefetage

After courageous expedition teams have pushed themselves into the last corners of Africa, one might think that the cultures and religions of this planet are now being explored nationwide. Far from it - our executive floors still offer all kinds of undiscovered. Practically on our own doorstep, in the heart of our big cities, amazing new cults have evolved.

A particularly fertile breeding ground for all kinds of cults was found in the isolated, sparsely populated and generally inaccessible urban heights, popularly called Chefetagen.

The new Trinity - Logic, Return and Shareholder Value

There, researchers have recently encountered some rituals in connection with a cult that has been practiced in secret, apparently coexisting with the prevalent and widespread belief in the trinity of logic, yield, and shareholder value.

It is noticeable that the stipulations are only practiced behind closed doors, but the residents of the executive floors publicly acknowledge them in detail, provided that they are successful.
The Rede is of a so-called “creativity”.

The mantra of the ingenious ideas

The followers of this cult believe in the creation of a - not specified - "new" and live in the conviction that this creativity rains ingenious ideas and innovative products like manna from the sky.

As is customary in matters of faith, the disciples of this cult like to boast of their creative actions without being able to further define the subject of their worship. Instead of definitions, there are just a number of myths that are the cornerstones of their beliefs spiegeln and be viewed as fundamental dogmas.

Enlightened by the Holy Spirit of Creativity?

One of these myths - presumably a particularly fundamental myth - says that the Holy Spirit of Creativity can be found in the believer's right brain and can be activated and invoked there.

To his incantation, certain rituals, which are intended to effect a transient, complete elimination of the understanding under the symbolic sacrifice of rationality.

The sacred inspiration

Once the heretical mind has been shut down, the adepts suddenly direct bloodstreams instead of financial flows, right into the defenseless right half of their cerebrum.

In this state, inspiration is patiently awaited as the highest Objective of the cult applies. This inspiration is seen as the source and most important infusion of inventiveness.

The god of rationalization

A ceremonial baptism, on the other hand, is completely unknown. For reasons of rationalization - a deity that plays an important role in all the known beliefs of the executive floors - one is, instead of being baptized, inspired directly and directly.

In this way, the highly revered creativity is ritually evoked. On this subject, our researchers also found a widespread and meaningful myth, which has a natural or specific “uncreativity” of each individual believer.

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