There is no top and bottom in networks. And certainly no conspicuous hierarchies. The culture of sharing common there hardly allows delimitation. "Mine" and "yours" move closer together and mix.


Networks: Incubator for creativity

Networks are organized decentrally, they are fast, adaptable and flexible. And they are an incubator for creativity. In entrepreneurial life, however, structures in which everything is left to itself can sometimes sink into creative chaos.

In such cases create management systems Order and ensure functionality. Just think of the fire department. When there's a fire, everything has to listen to commands and work accurately according to a predetermined plan.

As much swarm intelligence as possible

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Then when the mission is over, it should Manager explore with his troops how the whole thing can be further optimized next time.

So much swarm intelligence as possible and just as much hierarchy as absolutely necessary, that seems to me to be a workable model. Hybrid are called such organizations. They combine the best of both worlds.

Google as a success story?

A successful example of a hybrid System, which links collaboration, i.e. the “wisdom of crowds”, with hierarchical structures? This is Google, founded in 1998, 2013, after Apple, the second most valuable Brand of the World.

Google has a minimal hierarchy, a broad one Network Small, independently acting lateral (development) high-performance teams, a playful work environment and a philosophy that requires employees to always think of the user first.

Hybrid company

But not only that Company himself, also his search engineConcept is hybrid. If you have any Term Whatever you type in the search bar, Google is asking the entire World Wide Web to do so, so to speak decidewhich information is the most useful.

These then end up in about 0,2 seconds at the top of the list of hits. But not everyone counts voice, i.e. every link, from third-party websites alike.

This is how you start making changes - with a picture!

Pages by themselves Significance are, i.e. possess “Website Authority”, have greater weight, and thus contribute to making other pages relevant.

If they want to make the change, then my appeal: You need a picture! No written mission statement, no, this is communication prose for the company's web site, especially since the credibility of credentials has mostly been broken down a long time ago.

The real, visual image

You need a real, visual image of how you - far from top-down structures - yours Organization in Future want to set up. Only when the People a picture before Eyes they can also get an idea – and then act accordingly.

After consensus on how valuable swarm intelligence is, the new organization chart can then be the starting point for building a touchpoint company. How this image can look in detail? For example:

5 questions for change management

The image above shows an example image of an organizational chart in which everyone collaborates in a network-like and open manner with everyone else in order to serve the interests of the customers to serve. The small circles in the large ones represent the self-determined Employees, the circles in the outer circle for working external collaborators.

No matter what your own image may look like in the end, hopefully such an approach will be the right one Ask Come on:

  1. What does all this mean for us?
  2. What do we want and need to change organizationally, hierarchically, humanely, so that this image can be filled with life?
  3. How can we organize ourselves across departments and hierarchies in swarms that quickly and agilely recognize flashing market opportunities and exploit them profitably?
  4. What new kind of leadership is needed?
  5. And we should call our teams even as swarms that - like flocks of birds - safely and efficiently reach their destinations?

What you can learn from bird-flying formations

Of bird flight formations one can learn a lot. At least this time: Let your people fly, so that they can unfold.

So because a little authority here and there is necessary and useful is, I don't draw organizational charts in a circle, but in an oval. Each oval offers the leader the opportunity to integrate itself into the leveling circle of a network and still - on the wide side, not on the high side - take a prominent place.

Incidentally, this constellation is also very suitable for conference rooms and meeting rooms. And just like in the org chart, you put the customers (symbolically) in the middle. How exactly does that work? Place laptops with full-screen customer portraits. Or ask your people. Someone always has one Idea.

Good feelings come first

In the organizational chart as well as in the boardroom, the boss gives those who are particularly important to him the position to the right and left of himself. In contrast to today's practice, that should be completely clear the Marketing-, sales and HR-Be responsible.

Because they take care of what is most valuable assets of a company: highly committed employees and highly loyal customers. In this way everything is done that can be done to increase the value increase. If, on the other hand, finance and controlling are in charge, everything that can be avoided with the is omitted Objective, Costs to save. And dead numbers gain power. But trying to control people with numbers is always second best Wahl. Good feelings come first.

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