We talk far too often in everyday life, especially in Job, past each other. Understanding can be a real competitive advantage. Tips on how to communicate more clearly.

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Main foreign words?

Diuretics' or 'deferoxamine' or 'isocorb' with height offset without the 'draft', 'reactance' or 'significance' - do you know and understand these words? If not, do not worry.

Our Welt is peppered with technical terms and foreign words. Experts like to use them, also to set themselves apart from non-experts. But there are other ways of not being understood: These include e.g. E.g. endlessly long or convoluted sentences, filler words or incorrect references.

Who wants to convince, must be understood

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The following actually applies: Understanding counts. Communication is actually mostly shaped by the desire to be understood. But that often fails: ERGO had 2.600 citizens surveyed by telephone for its comprehensibility study. About eight out of ten respondents say they Everyday life repeatedly come across information that is difficult to understand.

About every third person admits that they cannot understand information in insurance documents, product information from banks or explanations for tax returns. And only five out of a hundred respondents think that these documents are understandable for everyone. Even PeoplePeople whose job it is to reach other people can fail, as the following examples show:

  1. Long and awkward: “Eligible voters who only act as personally liable partners of one or more other eligible voters belonging to the same electoral group or as a holding company for one or more other eligible voters belonging to the same electoral group are assigned to the electoral group of these other eligible voters.”
  2. Incomprehensible technical Chinese: "If the G-BA, which, given opg's apparent play with distributed roles, should follow the negative assessment of IQWiG, the consequence would be that the reimbursement price of linagliptin for health insurance would have to be reduced to generic price levels."
  3. Unclear verbatim speech: "Because the problem of the after, eh, well, the age of the children, of, eh, if they, eh, well, post-age, then comes the fifth and the sixth point, same-sex, non-same-sex ..." So far Edmund Stoiber in the legendary Christiansen interview at the start of the election battle against Gerhard Schröder.

Understanding pays off

Being understood also pays off directly. For example, a website used to be successfully, if you could register enough visitors. Today we know that the number of feedbacks or online sales is decisive. And that in turn has a lot to do with the right communication.

So being understood is a competitive advantage. Therefore: Be more understandable than others - and win over your readers and listeners! You don't need any special tools to do this. Rather, what is needed is your willingness to critically examine your respective representation and – where useful - adjust and improve.

Your target group is at the forefront

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If you want to be understood, there is less emphasis on what you want to say. Rather, think about what is interesting and important to your listeners. In the first step, you focus your target group on which you want to be understood.

In the second step, focus your message to the essentials. In the third step, you go into the most important aspects and apply them. Finally, the Method on possible Problems and shows how to fix them.

Customers pick up where they stand

Whether it's a product description or a factual argument: we often start from our personal level of knowledge and our point of view. But listeners expect their interests to be recognized and satisfied. Think of listeners as customers, as a decision maker, whom you your ideas merchandise want.

Now you may soon be facing an important one Presentation or give training. The first thing you should ask yourself as you prepare is: Who is my target audience? Who do I want to be understood by? And why should these people be interested in my content?

What is the benefit of your customers?

Think of your target group, eg. Eg the listeners of your presentation or customers of your online shop:

You will benefit yourself if you do this Ask first answer in writing before you start formulating a text or a presentation. This forces you to be more precise.

If you find one or the other answer difficult, you should specify your preliminary considerations. If you've answered the above questions clearly, your content is already doing that forms that you can address and reach your listeners.

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