The topic salary is one of the biggest taboo topics in Germany - and yet hardly anything is as exciting as the question: What do top managers earn? Here are the answers.


Why are there differences in salaries?

There are several reasons why there are such massive salary differences in Germany and around the world: The chosen one Job, how to get there, further qualifications, whether you have to take care of children and therefore work part-time. But also the origin and that Appear play a crucial role in Germany. And sometimes you're just lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right moment, setting the course for your future Career to have switched to green.

Auch Women often earn less than men: The average gross monthly earnings of women in Germany between 2010 and 2014 were a good 19 percent lower than that of men - this was the result of the evaluation of 72.000 questionnaires on, a website of the Institute for Economic and Social Sciences (WSI) in the Hans Böckler Foundation.

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But precisely because the subject of salary is also such a taboo subject, many are also too modest, act clumsy or find it difficult to correctly assess their abilities. Quite a few want to remain polite, not bitch, annoy anyone, or appear or have greedy Anxiety before dismissal – it’s better to wait until that Executive offering you the salary increase by itself - something that usually never happens. You can find it on Best of HR -® but also Tips for Successful Negotiation.

But even if everyone earns the same, not everyone is by far satisfied: A credit card company from Seattle dares the experiment of paying all employees 70.000 euros salary - and initially lost its top executives. Assumed reason: The fact that everyone else earns the same amount seems to be demotivating at first.

A high on the small and big difference?

So cheers to the large and small salary difference? At least that's what the job and Recruiting-Community Glassdoor thought when they studied how much more top executives in the US make compared to their average salary Employees.

Apples and pears were compared a little, because the overview does not take into account, for example, that the company directors are also informed by the shares benefit.

However, Glassdoor only has Company which are listed in the stock index Standard and Poor's 500 (SundP 500). All disclosures on CEO compensation have been taken from the reports of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (form DEF 14A), Booth 14. August 2015. The CEOs listed in this research are the individuals listed there for the year 2014 or 2013. 2014 is the latest year for which these SEC filings are available. In cases where two or more CEOs were expelled within one year, this investigation selected the one who held the position of general manager after the largest period of the year, following Glassdoor's research. For 6's 500 companies, the related SEC data was not available: Mylan NV, Kraft Heinz Co., Columbia Pipeline Group Inc., Baxalta, PayPal, and Westrock Co.

How come the numbers

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Average employee compensation data is based on the USN employee salary data published on the Glassdoor between the 1. January 2009 and the 17. August 2015. The data was adjusted for inflation and shows the median value per company. The total compensation includes basic salary, commissions, gratuities, bonuses and all other forms of referenced benefits. Both full-time and part-time staff were considered to be consistent with SEC standards. To ensure statistical validity, only companies that received at least 30 salary data from employees within the above period were considered. This applied to 441 of the companies listed in the SundP 500.

It must be said, however, that this study only examined the salaries of CEOs of large capital market-oriented companies that are listed in the SundP 500 stock index. These examples are not representative of the salaries of CEOs and general managers for the entire US labor market. Managing directors of small and medium-sized companies receive significantly lower remuneration. And. The remuneration of CEOs varies greatly from year to year. In large companies, the amount paid to CEOs is dependent on share-based compensation programs and bonus payments, which fluctuate widely from year to year.

Result at a glance: The top salaries of managers

The study results show that Standard and Poor's 500 stock index (SundP 500) CEOs earn around 204 times as much as their employees. The average salary of top executives is 13,8 million dollars a year, and their employees' average salaries are 77.800 dollars. In overview, this looks like this:

  1. The undisputed number one is David M. Zaslav from the media and entertainment group Discovery Communications. Its annual income is about 156 million US dollars, almost 2.000 times the average salary of its employees (80.000 US dollars).
  2. The CEO of the fast-food chain Chipotle (factor 1.522) also presents a still astronomical clash.
  3. The retail group CVS Health (factor 1.192) also has a high divergence factor,
  4. Behind it comes Walmart (factor 1.133).
  5. Companies with a European headquarters, such as the insurance groups ACE from Switzerland (factor 306), are more likely to settle in the midfield.
  6. Just over the average, Apple CEO Tim Cook: He earns around 9,2 million US dollars, his employees 36.760 US dollars. Thus his salary 251 times is higher than that of the average employee.
  7. Similarly, the case with Coca-Cola boss John Franklin Brock III (factor 230)
  8. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein also "only" earns 207 times more than his employees.
  9. Aon from Great Britain, whose CEOs 200 times earn as much as their average employees, is also in the middle.
  10. At the Swiss technology manufacturer Garmin, which in this country, for. B. is known for his navigation devices, the remuneration of managing director Clifton A. Pemble with around 1,7 million US dollars is comparatively low and “only” 24 times higher than that of his employees.
  11. The difference in remuneration between Jeff Bezos (about 1,7 million US dollars) and the Amazon employees (114.352 US dollars) amounts to the factor 15, which is also moderate compared to the top runners in the list.
  12. And Mark Zuckerberg's annual salary of $ 610.455 is just four times that of the Facebook-Employees ($ 146.120).
  13. This shows that the pay gap in the world-renowned tech companies is comparatively low. The salary of Larry Page is only a symbolic dollar, his employees earn on average 153.150 US dollars on Google.

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