Feedback give as a manager - do this in regular discussions for your Employees? And do you get some too? 2 X 5 tips.


Feedback as a gift

So far, only one in five managers sets a good example and gets feedback on their performance and leadership style from employees. That's according to a Talents and Trends survey Company from Rundstedt.

An honest evaluation is particularly important for the individual development of the manager and thus for the company's success. In my opinion, feedback should be seen as a valuable gift, because it belongs Courage to give feedback, and without that gift we can't grow beyond ourselves.

As a leader, you are a role model for your employees

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Do you not only give feedback but also actively get feedback on your management style from your employees? It's about time! If you exemplify an open feedback culture in which praise and Criticism are a matter of course, the inhibition threshold to give honest feedback decreases among your employees.

Companies with such a culture are more innovative and more attractive as employers. It is certainly always a great challenge to give constructive and, above all, understandable feedback. As is the case with gifts, they sometimes cause headaches not only for the giver, but also for the recipient.

Any 5. Employee does not understand his boss!

From our talent and trends survey, we know that every fifth employee is puzzling over what his supervisor wants to say with his feedback.

Signals are misinterpreted, vague messages misunderstood. There is an urgent need for action: How can it be guaranteed that feedback is understandable and that feedback does not have to be interpreted correctly? And, above all, how do you get concrete feedback and suggestions for improvement from the employees as a manager?

5 Tips on how to give a constructive and comprehensible feedback as a leader:

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  1. Tip - take your time: Make explicit and regular appointments for staff meetings. The more regular and frequent feedback is given, the more self-evident and effective it is. Therefore, it is a habit to conclude any form of cooperation - be it workshops, team meetings or project meetings - with a feedback round.
  2. Tip - Spiegeln your own perception: Speak of your own observations and impressions. Call the other person's actions to you. This makes it easier for employees to accept the feedback.
  3. Tip - Be specific: Avoid general and vague statements and praise and criticize with concrete examples and situations from everyday life. Stay informative and without reproaches. This makes the chance of your feedback getting better.
  4. Tip - give suggestions for improvement: Provide concrete suggestions for improvement for the further learning process.
  5. Tip 5 - Feedback at eye level: Rather, enter the dialogue as a career coach and counselor on an equal footing, rather than as the sole speaker or judge.

5 tips on how to get feedback as a leader:

  1. Tip - Introduce feedback talks as a regular communication channel: Optimal opportunities to get in-depth feedback are project completion meetings or classic year-round talks. Inform your employees well in advance of the conversation that open feedback on your behavior as a leader is on the agenda. This gives employees time to prepare accordingly.
  2. Tip - Create a trusting working environment: Employees often fear negative reactions or even disadvantages if they express criticism of their manager. Employees can only confidently express their opinions and dare to give critical feedback in a trusting working atmosphere. Let your employees understand that you too want to continuously improve and are interested in open feedback.
  3. Tip - Show interest: Already in your day-to-day work, you signal that you are interested in the opinions and ideas of your employees in order to foster appreciative cooperation.
  4. Tip - ask specifically: In employee talks, please ask for suggestions for improvement, in order to reduce the barriers to the first step, for employees. The following questions are helpful: What do you want from me as a leader? What could I do better in dealing with you and other employees? How do you rate my information transfer?
  5. Tip - Show your Critical Ability: Go openly with criticism and do not justify yourself. Begin by making good suggestions of the employees within the possibilities. Again, be honest with yourself and your employees! Indicate which points you are returning to the employee or where and for what reasons they can not be changed quickly.


Remember: feedback sessions are never a one-way means of communication. Many companies have already recognized this and leave them out in the annual appraisals Executives evaluated by employees.

However, this still happens far too seldom. I can only encourage you: Dare! Move out of your comfort zone to growth, promote employee satisfaction and retention!

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