Compliance & Press Codex

The offer of Best of HR –® is financed through its expertise in HR communication and online advertising in various forms, which are clearly identified in accordance with the press code. This enables high quality work.

We adhere to the press code

The decision about which products and services we at Top10 Blog & Verlag Best of HR –® report or not, the editors alone decide. We are not obliged to report on invitations to press trips or the provision of test products.

Both sponsored articles and product reviews are subject to our editorial guidelines and a labeling requirement according to the Press Code of the German Presserate. We thus comply with the guidelines of the press code of the German Press Council, Section 7 - see Practical Guide to the 7 Press Code:

Paid publications must be designed so that they are recognizable as advertising for the reader. The delimitation from the editorial part can be done by labeling and / or design. Incidentally, the advertising regulations apply.

Who pays for products and travel?

Test devices and review copies are usually made available by the manufacturer free of charge for a certain period of time. Any kind of reimbursement is indicated above the article.

As a rule, test devices are sent back to the manufacturer after the end of the test. Devices and products that are used for Giveaways are determined: They will be raffled after the test among the commentators of the contribution.

Another exception are so-called permanent loans: For example, we have devices and products in the editorial office that we are allowed to use over a longer period of time. For example, we can report on software updates, new accessories and new equipment features or make long-term judgments (Example).

As a small publisher, we are dependent on the event organizer to assume the costs of trips to events, regardless of whether they take place in Germany or abroad, as otherwise we would not be able to carry out the sometimes time-consuming research. The articles are marked with a corresponding disclosure.

What are our advertising forms?

The different forms of advertising are marked in different ways:

  • Advertising banners in different sizes are identified by the term “advertising”.
  • Affiliate links are identified as “affiliate links”.
  • Further cooperations will be identified accordingly.
  • Posted in the editorial part, booked posts, so-called native advertising, also known as sponsored posts are not flat advertising copy, but must meet our quality standards and editorial guidelines (Example). They are next to the post below the author's specification with the advertising icon and a reference to the sponsor.
  • We do not distinguish between financial benefits and benefits in kind, such as sponsoring a trip or an electronic device, but identify all sponsorships in the same way. By clicking on the respective company further information about the exact type of cooperation can be found.
  • Due to a lack of transparency, we fundamentally reject any coupling transactions between advertisements and editorial posts.