Our lifetime - statistically 30 days - are the most valuable thing we own. But if we now look at how many People are not happy in their daily work, it is frightening. Where is that? Sinn?

Company in transition: meaningfulness is not an aesthetic philosophy!

The power of generations Y and Z

If our eight working hours a day are not fulfilling, we come up with an appropriate one Energy and mood home and plug our Family with it. Children in particular are strongly influenced by this. So has the Boy Generation seen for years and witnessed the tribute the Working world demands. Are the parents stressed after every working day and every Friday just before Burnout, this is not necessarily a role model for the younger generation. But why don't we learn and experience anywhere today that work can also be fun?

The oldest of Generation Z are slowly entering work life - and increasingly ask "why" they do something. Without an answer to “Why should I spend my incredibly valuable life time for you Company use?” it becomes difficult, good Employees to find. While advancement in one's career used to be the most important incentive, today's young people think fundamentally differently. What is more important is how the promotion could affect your life situation and whether this fits into your life concept.

Until the doctor comes: Burning yourself out for the job

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Like a study by the life insurance group Swiss Life shows, in 2018 mental illnesses were the most common cause of occupational disability at 37 percent. It's not about who Balance between life-destroying work and enjoyable leisure time. It's about shaping our lives in such a way that it makes sense for us, i.e. that it fulfills us.

When it comes to burnout, it's mostly about people, but it's also about a lot Money: A Swiss civil servant has held her employer (state) responsible for her own burnout and in January 2020, in the third judgment of the Federal Administrative Court, received confirmation that the duty of care had been violated - and that there was a liability case.

How transparency on the Internet is changing the business world

If you used to sell yourself in an image brochure the way you wanted to be, corporate communication in the digital age is far more complicated. One look at the company evaluation portal "kununu.com" is enough to recognize the brutal reality: fired employees take revenge on their bosses (anonymously of course) and judge and condemn the company.

All of us, whether as employees or as Customer, have gained tremendous power. If you are dissatisfied with a company or a product, you can customers publicly vent about it on social media. From the company's point of view, linking the beautiful image brochure as a PDF no longer helps...

Business theater vs. Make sense in the company

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Does your company still have an orphaned mission statement? Ask you three Executives, which values ​​were immortalized there in calligraphy. The success rate is usually zero. And even if someone accidentally cites a value, he fails when it comes to the second question, how this value is lived and communicated.

Of course there are companies that live and do this excellently. For the majority, however, the mission statement is an alibi measure. My advice I use in my Lecture tell the audience: “Hang one up in your company BusinessBullshit wall up!” We should think openly about what we actually do in business. An example? Which Meetings are real "tireds"? Where the apathetic participants always look at their smartphones?

"Purpose" makes sense - three specific tips

Our working world is existential for us. Not only because we spend a lot of our lives with it, but because we also think about our work in the Welt "position". The work has a significant influence on my way of life, my lifestyle. That's why it's worth taking a closer look here, allowing new possibilities and new perspectives.

1. Tip: Sensible leadership as a function

"Installing" sense in the company works differently than all processes up to now. Meaning cannot be commanded or given. Managers are allowed to learn that they can do even more in a Training-Role need to grow.

But above all, they must be aware of their own purpose. And then the manager is allowed to do what is in the job description, but which he seldom does: Lead.

2nd tip: Sense of communication

Companies should check their vision and mission for meaning and also that Courage have to simply delete things that don't make any sense (anymore).

As a manager, you then have the task of repeatedly communicating your personal motives (the why or what for) to the employees. The purpose of the company must resonate and be recognizable in every communication measure.

3rd tip: meaning instead of motivation

In the past, attempts have been made to motivate employees and have learned that this only works to a very limited extent and in the short term. Then goodies were thrown around. In a company in Germany, the CEO told me that "those down there" already have everything:

Free drinks, almost free food, relaxation rooms, a fitness center with its own trainer. Nevertheless, dissatisfaction is commonplace. We must realize that there is only one change when more and more people realize why they get out of bed early in the morning. That they are important and can make an important contribution to other people.

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