Anyone who is in professional life usually dreams of successfully to be. But how do you become successful? At least not by throwing in the towel after every failed attempt. But what defines success?

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Success factor torpedo defense

Oh dear, oh dear - you have to present! In front of all the important, critical, skeptical people! The Problem: The best substantive Preparation doesn't help if that Manager or whoever is constantly interfering. What can you do? What are you successful with at a presentation? With well-researched content? If it were that easy! With colorful pictures? That was once.

No, the decisive one success is the one you least expect: interruptions from the boss, heckling from know-it-alls, jokes at yours Costs, in short: defusing presentation torpedoes.

A remark that kills careers!

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And for a simple reason: If even a joke “sits” at your expense and your listener smiles smugly or even laughs out loud, no one will remember your well-researched content afterwards.

With a single critical remark, a hierarch can collapse your beautiful presentation building. Unless they let his demolition excavator out. Surprisingly, even old presentation bunnies can do badly rather than right, as I experience again and again in coaching and training.

Top content, torpedo defense flop

Again and again it amazes me, how well they prepare themselves in terms of content and how little on what is actually completely normal at such events:

The listeners whisper among themselves, chat between them, ask stupid questions or play power games, profiling matches or “shoot the presenter off the rope”.

The right defense for every torpedo!

Just recently, a department head complained to me: “Our department head gets on my nerves like this. In every presentation he plays with his Blackberry endlessly. ” In every? Why didn't the department head do something about it long ago? Because he has no torpedo defense.

The good news, for all those who often fail during a presentation to interrogators and fools: There is a functioning torpedo defense against every torpedo. And defense is worthwhile, because if it succeeds, this considerably increases your reputation among colleagues and bosses.

Rhetoric counts more as content

rhetoric unfortunately counts for more than content: if you counter even a single heckling, a single "disturbance" skillfully, elegantly, superiorly and confidently, increases that your reputation.

your perceived Expertise will thereby clear stronger and more sustainable than the greatest content. The question is: how do you win this torpedosovereignty?

Sharpen your defense

A professional torpedo defense is not all that hard to learn, even if handled in no time at all.

I am only surprised that most of the presenters are so terribly stiffened on their content and then can actually pack the first call. No need. Make your torpedo defenses sharp!

3 instant prescriptions

If you do not face the next presentation in the coming hours, three of many instant prescriptions that you can instantly implement:

  1. Look forward to disturbances!
  2. Customize standard anti-torpedo strategies!
  3. Faults are not disturbances!

Success: fall down and get up again

Success is once more to stand up than to fall. Paulo Coelho wrote:

Learn that victories and defeats are part of everyone's lives - except for the lives of the cowards.

How not

This seems to be a problem for some people: Recently, a seminar participant said:

“Mrs. Pot, I have yours product then tried it once - it didn't work, I'll never do that again."

3 tips for success

So you will not succeed. Success means much more:

  1. Be persistent with the motto: I never, never, never, never give up.
  2. But still recognize when "more of the same" is the wrong recipe and you have to try new ways.
  3. Learn the rules so you know when it makes sense not to follow them.

3 tips for working with others

The following also apply to working with others Regulate:

  1. If in doubt, do it alone, before you enter with windy partners, who play with you riders.
  2. Be better and / or different from the others: Get yourself a USP.
  3. Think smartly about which partners help you with your success - and which not.

3 tips for the example presentation presentation

To go back to the example from the last you keep your lecture – and bang, a torpedo is fired at you. Oh dear, now what? How react? How to ensure that you are not taken seriously and that your carefully prepared presentation is lost with man and mouse? Three tips for instantly defusing presentation torpedoes.

It's not just about the thing

Women often believe that the job is about the thing. But good Performance contributes only to a small extent to success. All too often it's about image and notoriety. That means: those who present themselves well have more success!

Again and again I meet in Career young women leaders who tell me: “I am also someone who has believed for years that I can make a name for myself through the cause. How could I be so wrong? " They come into coaching so that I can “coach them”. I often have to make it painfully clear to them that the job is not just about the matter at hand. It's also about power and self-expression, of course. I do not consider that morally justifiable.

Play for the sake of the matter?

But if you love your job and really want to do something good, you have to either set up your own business, start your own business - or strategically manage schizophrenia according to the motto:

I play the embarrassing game of power and self-expression - but only to do good in the end.

You have to decide

However, if you decide to do this, you have to be extremely careful not to hurt yourself verlieren, like that happens to many board members, whom I also meet in my coaching practice.

But what does not help at all: backing down in frustration instead of consciously closing decide. Because again and again I receive emails and requests to speak from wives or partners of board members and managing directors.

Better to become active yourself

And then hear and read such sentences: “I have them all hands fully to do my husband as a board of an international Company down to earth!", "I used to be a department head myself and at some point I realized that my dear colleagues are only concerned with their own advancement and no longer with factual content."

It's better to become active yourself!

What do you want?

No question: one System, in which those who can better market themselves make headway, is questionable. I don't dispute that. Not even board members dispute that. But that's not the point.

It's about: what do you want? "I thought I could distinguish myself about the matter." Anyone who says that wants two things: Advancing the cause and profiling themselves. Think about it: What do I want more?

For the cause, against the career!

I know many women who have decided with full conviction for the cause, running the whole business at clerk level for 20 years - and that's why none recognition and Career gotten from the Old Boys, but who are very happy and successful with it.

The reason for this is simply that these women have deliberately opted for the cause and the career.

Play the power game

On the other hand, there are also a lot of women who have made a conscious decision: "If I don't get on with my expertise, I'll just hit the system with my own weapons and get myself a high position."

And women then use this elevated position to do a lot of good. As the Boy Entrepreneur who inherited the construction company from her father and was soon awarded an entrepreneurial prize because she now builds in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner. She says, for example: “Why shouldn't two Mothers Workplace split?"

Frustration does not continue!

Ergo: It is possible to do good things and not be interested in careers. It is also possible to use the ailing system itself to do even more good from a higher position.

On the other hand, what does not matter at all: to scold the system, to condemn its injustices and senseless power struggles

Conclusion: conscious decision!

Until there are enough women in the system to change it completely, each of us should decide on one of two attitudes, both of which are success and Satisfaction enable: I'm doing good in the matter - I don't care about my position. Or: I do good things - and get a senior position for it.

Two of equal value ways Fortunately. Which one is yours?

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