Tidying is one of the activities we like to push forward - usually much longer than cleaning up would actually take. Now it's over - in four easy steps.

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Disorder: Do not see the forest for the trees

You probably know this: been on the road for a few days, frantically collecting things every morning because you were late again? Then everything was left behind and – if you came home late in the evening, of course none Lust had more to clean up? And that's what it looks like - and it doesn't get any better either, because you're unnervedly pushing the mountain of clean-up work in front of you. The secret of Order It's actually quite simple: Always put something away in between - because then the mountain that you have to remove doesn't even come up.

Because that's exactly where it is Problem with many messy People: You can't see the forest for the trees and you don't know where to start cleaning up. But they can be helped - for example by limiting the clean-up time to one hour from the start and thus the Anxiety before the clean-up stress breaks down.

Plan tidying up in time

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Or with the fact that you clean up radically: Moves, for example, are a good opportunity to do what you actually have to do every now and then: mucking out - and radically, even with objects that you have cherished. How do you go about it properly?

I still remember my first real move to Berlin: My problem back then was that I had simply lost track of my belongings. So that this doesn't happen again, I have to contact the Planning started when you moved in. I have made sure that nothing confusing accumulates in the basement and that I also keep an overview in the apartment. This includes, for example, that I always disposed of things. The thought that at some point you will probably move again is immensely motivating.

It is harder to part from things you love

This is particularly hard on books that have been collected lovingly for years, but many of which you will never (again) read and that are simply the biggest and heaviest chunk when you move. Others may find it painful elsewhere, such as shoes, clothes, CDs or computer stuff.

But what would outweigh the disadvantages in the end, if I didn't part with all these seemingly cherished but unnecessary things. And that's where it helps me if I think about it again and again Eyes lead.

5 tips on radical mucking

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Here are mine Tricks, with which I motivate myself to clean up radically anyway:

Tips and tricks for clearing out

What other tips and tricks do you know for getting rid of items you love but don't need? Because in spite of everything Organization After a few years, more unnecessary items accumulate than you might have thought. Therefore, it is always necessary to make basic order.

This is all the more necessary, of course, when the move is approaching, then you should urgently clean up radically again - especially where it might hurt. But tidiness and decluttering is always important in other ways too – and this one is particularly easy Method.

In 4 steps and 1 hour to perfect order

In this case, 15 minutes are scheduled for each work step. It is best to set a clock or an alarm clock. And: nobody and nothing should disturb you.

1. Develop strategy

In the first 15 minutes you develop one Strategy: What is that Objective the cleanup? What should it look like in the end? Prepare the necessary tools for cleaning up, such as garbage cans and the shelf, and set them up for surethat there is enough space in the organization system to accommodate the objects lying around. If you use the first quarter of an hour for optimal planning, you can do the rest better and faster.

2. Make a stack

When you have completed the planning phase, set the clock or alarm again to 15 minutes. Take everything lying around and place it on one of the three piles: A for papers and things you want to keep. B for papers you still need to review. C for papers and things you want to throw away. It is best to throw these directly into the previously prepared waste containers. When the clock or alarm beeps, you must be ready. There should not be anything left in the room except the heaps.

3. Decide what gets away and what stays

Now comes the hardest step: again, you only have 15 minutes to go through the papers in Pile B and close decidewhether you still need them or throw them away. If you still need them, put them in Pile A. But you should also know where to put them in your organization right away. If not: Immediately to C in the waste container. You will see: Due to the time pressure, you make decisions much more rigorously - if in doubt, throw them away! When the alarm or clock beeps, you should only be left with Stack A and the trash can.

4. sorting

You now have another 15 minutes to put the items in Pile A into your ordering system. Now it shows how good you are System is how well you have planned and how rigorously you have decluttered. If you can't complete the task in 15 minutes, you should reconsider these three aspects. Now all you have to do is take out the trash - done!

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