Names are smoke and mirrors? Unfortunately not when founding a company: A name not only has to meet many criteria, but also has to be effective in advertising and positive arouse feelings. How does it work?

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A good company name - the first step to successful marketing

The first step in Marketing is the development of a good company name. This means more than just hastily choosing a name and using it - often for expensive ones Money - to register. You have to choose something that is memorable and customers pleases. We all know how difficult it can be to find the right name, but don't be afraid to make the effort.

After all, a company's name is something that is very important to the public. If the name of a company is not known, the People don't trust him. If a company's name is known, people will not respect it. The name gives that Company a certain reputation.

The company name determines the image

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In doing so, companies should build a good image with their customers in business life. It is not enough to convince customers that they are “doing their job just fine” - it is also about being socially responsible as an entrepreneur Set to pursue: Dare to think big: your company should bring people together, it should be something like the lifeblood of Society be. Develop visions.

And your image as well as your company name should reflect thatspiegeln: Your image is, so to speak, the driving force behind it. Hence, you need to build your image in the way that it will be good for the person who is buying the service or product. That also means involving customers - right from the start.

Let the customers decide on your company name

It's always good to talk to your customers and theirs Opinions to get the latest products. Especially when the company is just starting out. So why not potential customers via the company name decide permit? Even if you like this Idea seems a bit daring: It has many advantages. After all, customers should buy from you. It's just that people often don't think about the obvious question: What feelings does the name arouse in potential customers?

The usual way to get customer feedback is to send out surveys. But if you look at Online-Contact customers (which many companies do today), you can also use social media to gather ideas. Every time you post a new blog article, tweet, or facebook-Status- Publish update, get one from your customers Feedback - in other words: your customers give you feedback through your marketing channels. This is great, but you should take this feedback seriously. You don't have to reply to every comment, but you should consider how well your company name works and whether your customers are comfortable with it.

Do you feel good when choosing a name?

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"Feelings?" - I see you already clear gasp for air “What are feelings doing in my company name?” Unfortunately a lot.

In fact, it is precisely this feel-good factor that counts when it comes to customer acquisition and sales. And the company name is directly related to it. Now comes the big but: Such a good feel-good company name is hard to find.

Because the name doesn't just have to please the customer and encourage them to buy: In the age of Google, such a name also has to be meaningful, short, concise and then also available via URL - a real one anyway Art, which tempts many a founder to make major contortions.

A simple, straightforward, understandable name as the key to success

The fact is: Anyone who is already at the Foundation Going for a simple and straightforward name has many advantages. A good name is pretty self-explanatory and subconsciously gives people the feeling that everyone can relate to it. But everyone reacts differently to names, so you should never refrain from testing the name on "real" people. If you ask potential customers for their opinion, you might be surprised how many people don't like what seems like a top-notch name.

Of course, you can also stand up and say, "A lot of people hate our company's name, but I think it's the coolest name there is." But is that the Solution? Because if people associate something negative with your company name, you won't become their customer. It's that simple. And if you're unlucky, you won't even know about it.

The example with the IAG

I AG is now old hat. But a few years ago everyone was talking about it - and not necessarily in a positive way. After all, it stood for outsourcing and self-employment at dumping prices - and for the unemployed who would have preferred to have a permanent job, but should now please start their own business. In this capacity, IchAG even made it to the bad word of 2002.

I was all the more surprised than I was some time ago I myself came across the path. Please read again: I myself.

Aha. The association with the ugly IchAG is there immediately. It's only when I take a second look that it becomes clearer to me: the whole thing has nothing to do with IchAG, but with self-discovery. The offer likes for sure useful to be or not, that's not my point at all. But the name simply evokes completely different connotations at first.

The familiar is good, but the association should be right

Certainly a good idea to base the name on something everyone already knows. But did it have to be the bad word of 2002? Even today, many people think less of self-discovery, but more of Hartz IV, unemployment, harassment from the employment agency and and and.

That arouses negativity emotions. The idea that is to be advertised here promises the exact opposite. Hence an example of how an actually good idea was poorly implemented - because the name of a product that has to do with self-discovery and well-being should be associated with something positive.

Conclusion: Analyze and test your name carefully

The example shows: Don't just choose any name that sounds good and somehow fits. Analyze hidden or ambiguous meanings of words. And, what is becoming more and more important, you will find a name that also works in (at least English-speaking) foreign countries and does not lead to constant inquiries from customers.

When choosing a name, give yourself a little more thought, gather opinions from others, or even better: Test the future company name on as many people as possible and seek advice.

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