Order is generally considered desirable, especially when it comes to productivity. But what if order doesn't make you so productive? A plea for chaos.

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More order, more productivity?

We give up the best of HR - Berufebilder.de® for years tips for productivity, organization and order. Structure in everyday work not only helps to cope better with the daily chaos on the desk, but perhaps also in our work and our lives.

It is not for nothing that clean-up and muck coaches are booming. In some Company the trend is even towards the desk, which is freed from all personal things, so that different Employees can share a desk.

Clean up as part of personality development?

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For the psychologist Roland Kopp-Wichmann is tidying and mucking even Part of the personality development. He recommends using tidying up to keep your own priorities to set and figure out what's really important—and what to get rid of. This is how he writes:

“To do this, it is important to find out what state you want to achieve with the tidying up. One klare atmosphere in your apartment? More time for the essentials? More overview and clarity in your life? Relaxation and rest?"

And if chaos were more productive?

Basically, Kopp-Wichmann's conviction for sure not wrong: I now find throwing away to be more liberating than accumulating; Order as pleasant and soothing. And yet you shouldn't overdo it with your love of order.

Because maybe the chaotic, untidy one Workplace far more productive than the tidy desk? At least that's what authors Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman claim in their book The Perfect Mess: Why Messy People are happier and more efficient”.

Those who keep order are looking for longer

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Abrahamson is Professor for Management at the School of Business from Columbia University, Freedman is a business and science writer. In their book, for example, they dispel the myth of the productive order.

According to this, order-loving tidy-ups spend an average of 36 percent longer looking for their slips of paper than chaotic ones. An experience I made mine Everyday life can only confirm.

Chaos as a source of inspiration: When order kills creativity

In addition, systematizing systematization of their organization system takes a lot of time. For who does not know that: One knows, for example, where in their own chaos which things are. But when you have cleaned up, suddenly you will not find anything again.

But that's not all: some psychologists even think that order is dangerous. For the Architectural psychologist Rotraud Walden too much order and a small, impersonal desk are even poison for them creativity.

The boundaries between genius and madness

“Only fools clean up, a genius rules chaos,” people say. This could be the thesis Research findings by psychologist Shelley H. Carson from Harvard University.

She examined the connection between love of order and creativity by comparing the brain function of various subjects and found that creative people are more likely to be distracted than less creative people because the filter functions in them Brain are less pronounced. From this wealth of information, a lot of new information emerges ideas.

Conclusion: chaos - but with measure and goal

Nevertheless - and the research results have also shown - the danger of sinking unproductively in chaos is, of course, much greater.

"Genius and madness are close together" is also sometimes said. In plain language, this means: chaos is good, but too much of it is poison. Everyone has to draw the line themselves.

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