Although expertise and Expertise of the individual members of a group of high Significance, to achieve good results, but the bringing together of Deselect, skill and collective Intelligence plays an even bigger role. It unfolds best in large group workshops.

Change management in large group workshops: finding ideas as a team using method

Extraordinary ideas arise from a variety of perspectives

Ingenuity is most likely to arise when a larger number People across the whole Company about Future of Company makes thoughts. Do you have specialists for that? It is better to use the “wisdom of the many” and to integrate every helpful advance, no matter which corner it comes from.

Through diversity of perspectives, co-creativity and cross-pollination are in a larger group the ideas almost gushing. Together you can go further than alone. In addition, the penetration depth increases. Many can “infect” many more. The more different perspectives are introduced, the more successfully new ideas are found and upcoming ones Tasks solved.

Co-creativity and the “wisdom of the many” are elementary

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More and more companies now have it Courageto use the “wisdom of crowds”. Why courage? A large group workshop means grassroots democracy. And loss of control. One puts next steps into the hands of his Employees:inside, without knowing where they are headed. But the gain is huge. A jolt goes through the entire organization, so to speak.

New perspectives, new thoughts, new relationships, new communication networks and completely new ideas arise cross-functionally. The search for a future together brings everyone together. And the Lust the willingness to implement arises quite naturally. With the old proclamation programs, on the other hand, everything remains a powerless necessity.

Finally: Large group workshops are on the rise again

Ideally, 40 to 80 employees are structured in large group workshops on a single day and introduced to the topics to be worked on across hierarchies and departments. The yield is always plentiful: a large number of concepts ready for implementation, which are ideally approved on site by a group decision and then immediately transferred to the Implementation .

So you don't have to go through the usual committees, where you end up being rejected - or petered out. In addition, my experience shows that employees are always heading in the right direction, because they know better than some managers believe what is good for the company and what is urgently needed.

The morning in a large group workshop

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In the morning, the best thing to do is to start with an impulse lecture on the subject areas that are to be dealt with further in the afternoon. Such external impulses are extremely important. They allow you to think outside the box so that the participants can draw not only from what is already there, but also from new things.

The speaker can bring in new points of view, explain psychological backgrounds, talk about the best in the field, warn against going astray, and also bring up unpleasant truths and stubborn ones resistors gently loosen. Such an approach is urgently needed, but often far too dangerous for internal staff.

The afternoon in a large group workshop

In the afternoon, the participants themselves suggest topics on which they want to work together. Allocation to the individual working groups is also on a voluntary basis. There are no requirements from above as to which tasks are to be processed by whom. The working groups are also not directed by moderators. You work autonomously. In operations, the employees themselves know best where the fire is because they struggle with it every day.

Talented millennials play a special role in this process. They are often the first to recognize when something is going wrong in a company. They are most likely to track down outdated procedures and outdated processes. In addition, they usually have the courage to question them. They are also equipped with contemporary Solutions usually very familiar. They are excellent shapers of the future.

The role of the manager in the large group workshop

In my workshops I ask them Executivesto stay in the background. Real leaders only speak at the end and only add to it the Things that are strategically important to them. They go into the working groups of the employees not. Hierarchy slows down the flow of work. And control kills creativity.

Even the mere presence of a superior causes in many people Stress. And her word of power creates instant silence. Only when people are among themselves can the most outlandish ideas be tackled courageously and impartially. And only in an authority-free environment are even the most sensitive issues exposed openly.

People don't want to be changed, they want to change

Voluntariness is the most important ingredient for drive and change. Then we don't do something because we have to, but because we really want it. And at the end there is the "my baby effect": What you have created yourself can no longer be abandoned. This creates a bond - and pride in the solution found. In addition, the ambassador effect arises: You talk about it and defend it against doubters.

Also important: The concepts adopted in the workshops are first tested in detail before they are then implemented. And they are not dogmas to which one is slavishly bound. Just as you set the sails again when the wind blows from a different direction, projects must always be kept flexible and decisions once made must be adjusted if necessary.

Large group workshops are also possible in a purely virtual manner

Large group workshops can also be purely virtual to organize, for example in the context of Innovation-Jams. These are online events that take place on special jam platforms over a period of one to three days. The participants discuss online in moderated forums and contribute ideas. Corresponding software channels the topics via ratings, rankings and discussion heat.

Such jams are ideal for networking, exchanging knowledge, Feedback to catch up and to combine something new – so to speak, an intensive bath in creativity. Deutsche Telekom activated 2.500 employees for this purpose. Two questions were asked: "How does the department improve cooperation?" And: "Which new business ideas are worth developing further?" As Stephan Grabmeier reports, 72 concrete ideas were generated within 170 hours.

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