By the way: be careful with recipes for success - even with those you can find here! We'll tell you why!


The best recipe does not yet make a star cook

The bookshelves are full of works that are successful Methods, concepts and their Developer, users etc. present. Of course sell These are better than books about failed change processes.

This also means the change processes that failed after applying the tips for success. Success sells better than failure. If you cook yourself, you know that even the best recipe and the finest ingredients do not automatically lead to a perfect result.

In retrospect everything is getting better

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Conversely, the chef can look back at what ingredients he has taken and how he has prepared them so that such a delicious dish will come out.

It's exactly the same with recipes for success for personal or professional development: Looking back, you can always say pretty precisely why you did it successfully was. Conversely, it must never be so that the application of the same Regulate and tips for the user will lead to the same success in the future.

Trial and Error

Therefore at this point a pragmatic one product: Find recipes, tips you like and try them out. If they don't work, try others. And at the same time you will develop the best ones: your own.

This also applies to all tips, recommendations and experiences that can be found in this article.

What can you take with you?

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Hollow others into the boat

All this does not mean that you are with the change are guaranteed to succeed, but it greatly increases the probability.

In order to bring about changes, it is often necessary to convince others. You can not deal with many changes on your own. On the contrary, for the realization, you need someone who is different from you and who optimally complements you.

Find supporters

So look for peers who complement your skills, not those who are just like you. If you are creative yourself and many good ones ideas find someone who is a "Doer" and complements you as a "Dreamer".

Build a small but loyal army. Do you think ...? Find Peoplewho can get you enthusiastic about your idea and who support you. friends, colleagues, Employees, External. This can be ideal (encouragement, encouragement) or “material” support (ideas, contacts, etc.).

Redirect “negative” energies

In the case of a private / personal change process: Use the social pressure for your extrinsic Motivation. set up a blog; tell as many people as possible about your plans. Find supporters and fellow campaigners.

So yours Family You can support them even if at first glance they are only indirectly affected by the change - especially if they are directly affected - you should do two things in particular Attention send.

Supplement for the family environment

Agree in advance and with understandable criteria, when the “trial period” is over and what will happen afterwards. Fallback solution or continuation. And stick to your side of the agreement.

Second: Communicate. Even more open than it is necessary in the business environment, so that your family can see that you trust them completely.

Resistances in the environment

This Energy would be better placed in the category Implementation. After all, it is the actual or perceived bottlenecks in the areas Finance and know-how that can prevent change.

Those who are on their own have every chance and basically only have to deal with their own resistance. Once friends, family, co-workers, customers etc are affected, the field of tension intensifies. More resistance is potentially possible. For example, one has to reckon with social ostracism, (open) conflicts, boycotts and other unpleasant phenomena.

Do you really believe…?

It may be that people who have accompanied us so far can not or will not accompany us. It is possible that these people (family, friends, co-workers, business partners, customers) want to convince us more or less strongly that the previous direction was right and we disappoint them when we do what we have announced.

Then dive in the private environment Ask on how: Do you really think this works? I really don't understand what you want to do. Have you thought about that too? What, you want to give up everything you have (usually this means a visible permanent position with a corresponding Status or the prospect of a safe one Income meant)? What are the others doing?

Like crayfish in bucket

Im Job Are they the well-known, popular and unfortunately very effective statements like: We've always done it this way. You can do it like this, you don't need to expect any support from me. And customers may not say anything at all, but if in doubt they won't come back.

That reminds me, with good cause, always a little bit of crayfish in a bucket - a comparison that shows how absurd that is: In order to keep their structure stable, crayfish caught in a bucket pull their fleeing crabs back into the bucket.

It is similar, consciously or unconsciously, with us humans, in our reference groups. Professionally and privately. And just by looking at the absurdity of such claims clear you can also free yourself from it.

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